Diez De Copas
S3 episode 11 Aired on August 30, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Tequila Mole

A battered Teresa rests poolside at a casual BBQ in the Phoenix safe house. James, Ivan, Kelly Anne and Charger enjoy drinks while Pote is secretly sweeping the house with a handheld electronic surveillance detection device. He finds a thumb drive hidden in a set of headphones in James’s room. Pote is shocked and angry. Teresa and Pote plug in the thumb drive and hear weeks of audio recordings of their own dealings. They suspect that James is working with Devon Finch, who attacked El Santo’s house in Bolivia two days before. Teresa and Pote tell Ivan to resurrect the tracking device that was hidden in Güero’s medal, and reprogram it so they can use it to track someone else.

Still on the Run

Meanwhile, a filthy, disheveled Camila is wandering the desert outside of Culiacan in broken heels and her red press conference dress from a few days before. She is obviously still on the run. Her phone dies in the middle of an attempt to contact someone, and she has clearly hit rock bottom. She sees a string of parked cars and mourners creating a memorial for an accident victim at the side of the road. She crosses herself from a distance, then noticing keys in one of the cars, she steals the car and heads into the city.

Back in Culiacan 

In the city, Camila evades military police and sneaks into an abandoned dance studio that is now a secret safe house. Inside she finds tequila and a weapon and a whole lot of memories. She flashes back to when she was a young dancer meeting Epifanio Vargas for the first time, after he snuck in to see her dance recital. Lost in memory, she is brought back into present time by the arrival of Alonzo Loya. Camila tells Loya that she was honest with him and didn’t know what Cortez had been up to. Loya admits that he had been reinstated to the DEA and Camila is still a target. 

Tit for Tat

Teresa and Pote stake out an abandoned warehouse where they are supposed to meet El Santo. While waiting, they discuss the possibility of James being the mole and Pote reminds Teresa that the two of them are cut from the same cloth while James is different. El Santo never shows, so they call off the stake-out when they get a text from Lil T. They agree to meet him and drive off. Meanwhile, James calls Devon Finch and confronts him. Finch admits that El Santo is dead, and James says he knows Finch is responsible. He threatens to out the rat in Finch’s department, and Finch threatens James right back and tells him to knock it off or else. There will be no other warning. Devon hangs up on James. 

Let’s Talk About Options

Loya promises witness protection for her and her daughter, Isabella, if she agrees to work with him, then reminds Camila that Cortez is controlling Isabella. Camila is considering this option when Loya grabs her and kisses her fiercely. He says he needs a few hours to get her out of Mexico, then reminds her that she is making the right decision, but she is clearly unsure. He leaves her in the safe house. Meanwhile, military police get a radio announcement about a stolen car that may have been taken by Governor Vargas and are instructed to search all abandoned buildings. An officer warily eyes the safe house.

Surprises Never Cease

Teresa and Pote meet Lil T at the clinic at Taza’s reservation at night for some private conversation and, as it turns out, a confession. Although Pote and Teresa initially worry that Lil T is going to confess to being the mole, she only admits to contacting her estranged uncle, Big T, to let him know that she was okay. Teresa tells Lil T that it’s okay, but it’s not clear that it is. She interrupts the conversation to take a phone call from James, who says that he knows about Devon and the leak, and that he knows Teresa suspects him. He asks her to meet him at the safe house. Teresa and Pote cautiously arrive at the safe house. Pote doesn’t trust James and pulls his gun. James tells them that he found their mole, and he reveals a bound and gagged Kelly Anne!

Take the Money and Run

A compassionate Teresa offers Lil T a backpack stuffed with money if she gets out of the business. Teresa wants Lil T to go back to school and change her life. She wants Lil T to go straight, but Lil T is angry. She wants the power, money, and respect that Teresa has. Teresa says she never wants to see or hear from Lil T again, but at least Lil T has the bag of money. And the scars carved into her back.

Kelly Anne is the Mole

Kelly Anne admits to working with Devon, because Devon told her it was the only way to save Teresa from dying by El Santo’s hand. In some sort of twisted loyalty to Teresa, Kelly Anne planted the tracker necklace, which allowed Devon’s crew to find Teresa at El Santo’s and bomb the place, and admits to doing other things to her, James and Pote. Teresa is disgusted. She trusted her. She walks away from a bound Kelly Anne, and Kelly Anne thinks she knows what is about to happen, but Teresa wrestles with what to do.

Teresa realizes that Kelly Anne must die, though no one is happy about it. James and Pote escort Kelly Anne to a junkyard, and as Pote is about to kill her, James tells Pote he will do it. Pote walks away and James shoots Kelly Anne. James appears to be loyal indeed.

Girl Fight

Back at the safe house dance studio in Mexico, a soldier finds Camila. They brutally fight for their lives. Camila gains the upper hand, and is about to kill the soldier, who begs for her life, tells her she has children at home. Camila, for a moment, softens her formerly brutal, unforgiving self, and lets the soldier go. She takes the soldier’s gun and her own, and disappears, leaving Loya with no way to make a deal. 

While Camila is being driven to Phoenix, she calls Loya to say she is sorry, but she must do things on her own terms. James, angry at being accused of disloyalty, agrees by phone to meet Camila in Phoenix. He tells Camila he will handle Teresa.