La Muerte
S3 episode 10 Aired on August 23, 2018

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Dazed and Confused

Teresa wakes up dazed and wounded amid the smoking rubble of an obvious disaster, with dead bodies everywhere and the sound of a baby crying in the distance. She follows a trail of blood to find El Santo cradling a crying baby. An enraged El Santo blames Teresa for the destruction, tells her she “killed everyone,” and he attacks her. 

Meanwhile, 48 Hours Before

In flashback, Teresa and James discuss the fact that Kelly Anne has been skimming product and using again. James doubts the wisdom of letting Kelly Anne back into the fold, but Teresa says she is safer with them. Teresa finds Kelly Anne in a motel room, strung out and trying to conceal her drug use. While she waits outside, a minivan drives up, the passenger door slides open to reveal one of El Santo’s Little Angels in a creepy devil mask.

She tells a perplexed Teresa she is summoned by El Santo to Bolivia the following day or she will forever forfeit the fruits of his love. After she, James and Pote discuss the meaning of this summons, Pote gives her a plastic gun that can’t be seen with metal detectors. Before Teresa leaves for Boliva, she puts Guero’s St. Christopher medallion around her neck, then she and Kelly Anne have a bonding moment.

The Blind Journey

In Bolivia, a blindfolded Teresa is taken by boat to a surreal old mansion in the middle of the woods, where her bags and checked with a metal detector. She is escorted by a masked Little Angel to her room, where she is told to put on a gown laid out for her. The Little Angel leaves, and Teresa puts on the dress, then takes out her plastic gun for a quick check. She is startled by the Little Angel, who returns to tell her that El Santo wishes her to join him and the others, where Teresa finds, surreally, an opulent banquet and a live classical string quintet.

She meets Sasha, who explains that everyone present are El Santo’s dealers/disciples. El Santo gives a speech about family and trust, then declares he will give them the gift of forgiveness, as one of them has betrayed him. No one will leave until the Judas among them is exposed. El Santo introduces his pregnant girlfriend to the group.

Teresa dances with El Dentista, who tells her they are dealing with spiritual warfare, but he is taken away before he can tell Teresa who the Judas is. A very nervous Teresa and Sasha try to make an escape and get to Teresa’s plastic gun. 

The Gun is Served, and So Is Some Backstabbing

On the way to Teresa’s room, she and Sasha find a horribly tortured El Dentista with his own teeth embedded into his face in the shape of a cross. He is either dead or close to it. They realize they cannot get back to her room, so they go back at the party, where El Santo dances with Teresa, and confesses that El Dentista was not the Judas. 

El Santo asks Teresa if the darkness had overtaken her, and before she has time to answer, Sasha turns on her and tells El Santo that Teresa brought a gun. They turn and see a Little Angel carrying the plastic gun on a tray. The rest of the guests similarly turn on Teresa, telling El Santo that Teresa is the Judas. El Santo, spouting much religious symbolism, tries to make Teresa drink a bottle of Bokor vodou poison, but before they can pour it down her throat, there is an explosion.

Meanwhile, in Real Time

Teresa wakes after the explosion and finds El Santo cradling a baby. He has performed an emergency cesarean on his girlfriend, who is lying dead in the rubble. He blames Teresa and calls her “the destroyer.” Teresa drops some logic and tells El Santo that if she were to blame, she would have run, therefore it couldn’t have been her fault. Teresa hides while American-sounding soldiers in combat gear sneak through the mansion, shooting anyone alive. Teresa recognizes the voice as Devon Finch. She needs El Santo as a supplier, so she urges him to leave with her before the soldiers kill them. They sneak through the rubble with the crying baby, avoiding the soldiers. El Santo leaves his baby in a room, telling Teresa that his son has his own path. Soldiers with drones and lasers searching through the destroyed mansion while Teresa and El Santo escape into the rain.

The Crypt

Because the drones sense heat, El Santo takes Teresa into a ruined crypt, and says they need to lower their body temperature. El Santo takes a swig of the Bokor poison he tried to give Teresa, which lowers body temperature, then groans. He tells Teresa she must drink, too, then buries himself in the mud of the crypt and disappears.

With the sound of the drones overhead, Teresa drinks the poison, though there is no guarantee she will be resurrected. Teresa drinks the poison and hallucinates that Güero is reaching out to her from the other side. She buries herself in the mud. The drone enters the tomb and senses a bit of heat from Teresa’s face, which is not yet submerged. As soon as she submerges her face, she slides deeper into the hallucination.

An Alternate Reality with Güero

Teresa hallucinates a conversation with Güero, who asks what it would be like if they walked away from the cartel life. He says he want to start over and have a normal life and family. Then Teresa sees she is pregnant with Güero’s baby. She finds herself at a pool party. Back at the crypt, soldiers can sense no signs of life inside, while back in the hallucination, Teresa’s imaginary daughter tells her she loves her, then Teresa tells Güero that she wishes this life were real instead of a dream. She knows it isn’t real and she must go back. She has a vision of all the violence and strife she has experienced in her drug lord life, then wakes and rises from the mud with a gasp. It is day. 

Back to Reality 

Teresa stumbles past a fallen baby blanket and through the ruins of El Santo’s mansion. She finds Guero’s St. Christopher necklace and sees that it had a tracker inside it, then finds El Chapo drawing a circle in the dirt where he last placed his new baby son the previous night. Teresa tells him that the soldiers took him. El Santo says he is done with the business, but the darkness that he saw in Teresa earlier has changed and is no longer her enemy, and that the two of them must find the people who caused this destruction and destroy them. He tells her she has been reborn and to go in peace.

Three days later, James and Pote are waiting by a truck, making a bet that Pote can successfully shoot bottle targets in the distance. They decide that they shouldn’t have let Teresa go to Bolivia alone. Pote takes a call from Teresa, who is piloting the boat back from El Santo’s. She asks if he is alone, then tells him they may have lost their supplier. She tells him that someone put a tracker in the Güero’s necklace and used it to track her there, then bombed the place. Teresa and Pote wonder if it is James.