Sólo El Amor De Una Madre
S2 episode 9 Aired on August 3, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

An uncharacteristic blunder forces Camila and Teresa to go on the run from hitmen, but on the journey they forge a deeper bond. 

The new partner

Camila’s efforts to get a deal with Devon Finch are finally paying off. Finch has agreed to meet her and Teresa in a luxury car showroom, and after discussing some details, they finally arrive to an agreement: he’ll buy 100 kilos for $3 million, and if everything goes well, he’ll get the rest for $27 million. Teresa was instrumental in convincing Finch to close the deal, but Camila thinks she talked a little too much. She is pissed, but this is not a good time for arguments. They are being followed by very dangerous people… 

Cortez’s own plans

After Epifanio’s heart attack, he is already fine and on his way back to Culiacan. However, Cortez chose to stay in Dallas. For him, killing Camila is the best way to solve the conflict between Epifanio and her, but the drug lord tells him, once again, Camila is not to be touched. Cortez pretends to obey, but his plan to assassinate her is already in effect. The people after Camila and Teresa in the showroom building are Cortez’s hit men with clear instructions to kill Epifanio’s wife on sight. 

However, Teresa finds a way to escape from the assassins. And while Camila distracts one of the sicarios, Teresa shoots him on his legs and takes him hostage.

The D.E.A. dilemma

After letting James and Güero escape, the D.E.A. director accuses Detective Alonzo Loya, head of the investigation on Camila Vargas, of being weak and incompetent. He’s not, but while Cortez would do anything to catch a crook, Loya goes by the book and this narrows his chances of success. Whatever the reasons, Güero is already somewhere in Mexico, while James is recovering from being brutally beaten by Cortez.

Loya calls Teresa to tell her Güero is in grave danger in Mexico, but that’s just an excuse. His real intentions are tracking Teresa’s phone and locating her whereabouts. However, one more time, his efforts are in vain.

Tainted mass

Boaz Jiménez invited Epifanio Vargas to a church in Sonora for a mass in memory of Boaz’s brother, Manuel. When the governor gets there, he is informed that Isabela is already inside with Boaz’s son, Kique. Epifanio starts looking for his daughter and he finds her in a room drinking and snorting cocaine with Kique Jiménez and some other friends. The governor gets furious as he witnesses a situation he saw coming from the beginning. Isabela dismisses her father’s reaction as a mere exaggeration, so the governor decides to talk directly to Kique’s father. The governor is about to release all his anger in front of him, but suddenly comes to his senses and asks Boaz, politely, to keep his son under control.

Business on sale

The Jimenez mass is quite an unusual ceremony. When Epifanio and Boaz sit to hear the priest, the governor makes him a surprising proposition. He wants to sell his business to Boaz, and give him total control of Sinaloa’s drug market. Boaz accepts the offer, but the governor demands one condition: Jiménez can’t mess up with Epifanio’s governorship, because if he does he’s a dead man. 

But why is he suddenly selling? Epifanio explains his health is in bad condition and he just feels it’s time to retire. 

First blood

Meanwhile, Teresa and Camila are still hiding along with their wounded hostage. They want him to reveal details of Cortez’s plans to kill Camila, but he says nothing. Teresa points her gun at him, but he is confident she won’t kill him. And he is right: Camila will be the one to end his life. She gets Teresa’s gun and with no hesitation puts a bullet in the hostage’s head.

This is the first time Camila kills anyone.

Isabella is in trouble

When Camila and Teresa leave their hideout, Cortez and his team are gone. It won’t take him too long to find out one of his men is dead. Now Cortez wants revenge. Behind Epifanio’s back, Cortez has been working on cloning Isabela’s phone to get in contact with Camila, and now it’s the time to use it.

The message Camila gets from her daughter’s phone says she’s in trouble and needs her mother’s help. So Camila and Teresa rush to the nightclub where Isabela said she was. She is partying there indeed, but she’s perfectly fine and surprised to see Camila, because she didn’t send her any message. Immediately Camila understands it’s a trap. She hides inside a room with Teresa, Isabela and also her daughter’s friends. They are surrounded.

Help us, D.E.A.

Teresa comes up with a quick plan to stay alive. She calls Alonzo Loya to tell him about Cortez’s plans to kill Camila Vargas. Immediately, Loya gathers his team and rush to the nightclub hoping he can get there in time to stop Cortez. Camila also has a plan of her own: turning herself in to Cortez to keep him from killing Isabela. “Don’t kill me in front of my daughter,” she asks Cortez, who accepts killing her somewhere else. However, right before Camila gets in Cortez’s car, Loya and his agents show up on the scene. Finally Loya is in front of Camila while his people search her car and find illegal substances inside.

This wasn’t Camila’s day to die, but now she is handcuffed and under the custody of her D.E.A. hunters. Anything can happen now.