Sacar Con Sifon El Mar
S2 episode 8 Aired on July 27, 2017

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Birthday Plans 

It’s Camila’s birthday and all her band is with her to celebrate: TeresaJamesPotethe Charger, and even GüeroPote surprises his Jefa with a birthday cake while Camila opens presents from many people -- not her daughter, though, and that saddens her a little. However, the only present that would make her happy now is Devon Finch, the prosperous businessman that days before rejected her offer to work together.

However, she won’t take no for an answer. Camila pauses the celebration to reveal her plans to her people: everybody will go to Chicago to contact Finch’s drug taster. Camila is convinced the guy will prefer her cocaine to any other because of its outstanding purity. Besides, she has a special mission for Güero: he will have to gather all the information he can get about Finch’s planes in Chicago. Little does he know that Camila hasn’t given up on her plans to kill him, and she warns Teresa if she doesn’t get rid of him, she’ll have to do it herself.

Welcome to Chicago

TeresaPote, and James go to a party in Chicago thrown by Finch’s taster. While James distracts the guests with a dramatic poker game where he bets not only his chips but also a big pack of cocaine, Teresa goes after the taster to offer a sample of her cocaine. So he does and realizes this blow is something else! He is immediately interested. They talk details like price and shipment size, and finally arrive to a preliminary agreement. Now the taster will have to send the message to Devon Finch.

Teresa and her friends don’t know this yet, but the poker dealer works closely for Devon Finch, so she calls her boss to let him know about the mysterious Texan intruders in the party. “We have a problem in Chicago,” she says. And she’s absolutely right.

Epifanio’s War on Drugs

The new anti-drug alliance between Texas and Sinaloa is working on its first mission. Governor Epifanio Vargas is in Dallas discussing how to link Camila to El Santo and take her operation down with that information. Right in that moment, Detective Alonzo Loya receives a report about this new, super-pure cocaine in Chicago, so he’ll have to fly there… with the ruthless Colonel Cortez.

Be Careful with His Heart 

Camila finally has some time to give Epifanio a call and confront him about the sicario he sent days before to kill her. He denies the accusations, saying that, if he could, he would destroy Camila’s business, but not her. So, if it wasn’t Epifanio, she immediately deduces it must have been Cortez, the drug lord’s mad dog. The phone conversation heats up and Epifanio finally falls on the ground in an apparent heart attack. Is he dead?

A Warning for Finch

Teresa and her band are somewhere in Chicago surveilling Devon Finch’s headquarters. They need to make sure Finch’s taster rejects the drug shipment they regularly receive as a confirmation that they switched to Camila Vargas as her new provider. But nothing like that happens. So, they’ll have to apply plan B: intercepting Finch’s driver and forcing him to give them the drug-loaded truck as ransom. The poor guy agrees after Pote punches him in the face so hard one of his teeth jumps out of his mouth. “Call Finch,” Teresa says, “and tell him if he doesn’t call us in two hours, he’ll lose more than just his truck.”

Finch Strikes Back 

Devon Finch respects Camila’s determination to work with him, but he won’t yield to pressure. Instead, he orders his people to go to Chicago and pay a visit to Camila’s gang. Meanwhile, Teresa and Güero feel more connected than ever, like the couple they used to be before his disappearance. They get together in their hotel room, make love, and then talk seriously about escaping together, away from Camila and their criminal life. So they plan to go back to Mexico and then, eventually, Spain. There’s no time to lose. They pack up quickly and get ready to leave, but when Güero opens the door, he finds Devon Finch’s people pointing their guns at them. The good news is, they’re not there to kill them, but to deliver a message from their boss to Camila Vargas. They’ll meet at an airport in Chicago in three hours, to finally talk business. 

Visiting Hours

Camila feels she must visit Epifanio in the Dallas hospital where he was taken after he collapsed. They may be enemies but the truth is Epifanio still loves and misses her a lot, and he would welcome her back at their home any time she wants. Isabela knows nothing about her father’s hospitalization, but when Camila calls her, they end up in a fight once again, and the call lasts just a few seconds. When Isabella picks up the phone, she’s in the middle of a party, drinking and snorting cocaine with friends. She is clearly out of control, so Camila and Epifanio end up having an argument over Isabella’s education.

Pote Confronts Güero

When Pote joins Teresa and Güero in their hotel room, he notices the perfectly packed-up suitcases, so he warns Teresa’s boyfriend that if he even tries to escape, Pote won’t hesitate to take care of him. After all, he considers Güero a snitch and a coward for leaving Teresa alone while the late Epifanio’s sicarioGato, raped her months ago. Güero starts fuming when he hears that, but he manages to control himself.

James Under Fire

By now, Detective Loya is already in Chicago along with Col. Cortez, in the same hotel where Camila’s people are staying. So when they see James in the parking garage, Cortez’s first reaction is shoot to kill. James tries to escape but Cortez finally finds him and knocks him down.

So now Loya and Cortez take James to a room where they tie him to a pole, trying to make him talk about Camila Vargas. However, Loya, an American, and Cortez, a Mexican, disagree in the methods to use to make James talk. Cortez doesn’t think twice when he starts giving James electroshocks and beating him up, while his American partner condemns that kind of treatment.

TeresaPote, and Güero have already noticed James’ disappearance, so they start looking around. When they finally find him, they take the agents by surprise, and in the ensuing crossfire, Cortez is wounded, while Loya is disarmed. Teresa unties James and takes him with her.

Lawyer and Client

Camila sets up a meeting with her lawyer, Cole Van Awken, in his office. They talk about options for drug transportation, but soon the conversation veers to yet another sexual encounter. It’s late at night and when Camila leaves the building she finds Van Awken’s wife, Kelly Anne, who confronts her about whatever is going on between Camila and her husband. But Camila is a criminal and if there’s something she does perfectly, that’s lying. She denies any non-professional relationship with Van Awken and leaves the jealous wife speechless in the middle of the street.

Finch and Camila Talk Business 

As scheduled, Camila Vargas and her crew arrive to the airport where Devon Finch is waiting for them. When he sees Vargas arrive, he invites her potential new partner to get in his own plane to smooth things over between them. In the meantime, the others wait outside, and Teresa and Güero resume their conversation about escaping for good. Only this time, Güero tells her he has to take care of something before leaving. And he has to do it alone. “I’ll be back,” he promises her. But Teresa knows he probably won’t.