El Nacimiento De Bolivia
S2 episode 5 Aired on July 6, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Welcome to La Paz

Teresa, James and Güero are in La Paz, Bolivia, looking for a new cocaine provider, El Santo. Güero claims he knows someone by the name of Leo who could take him to the drug lord. The eccentric King George is also in La Paz to lend a hand, and his boats are in Colombia, ready to take the drugs to the U.S. as soon as Camila’s people get them.

George is the one who leads Teresa, Güero and James to a bar where Leo is partying. Inside the place, Güero feels a gun on the back of his neck. “Hello, my love,” he hears. It’s Leo, not only a woman but also Güero’s ex girlfriend. Teresa is not ready for that kind of surprises. After some discussion, Leo agrees to take them to El Santo although she says he’d kill them all anyway.

Camila gets a message

Camila and her lawyer, Cole Van Awken, meet in a building rooftop. He tells her he received a package of cocaine with a note that said, “Camila, enjoy this coke. It’s the last you’ll see for a while.” There’s no doubt in her mind it’s a message from Epifanio. Van Awken is scared because the feds are after him, and now he feels in the middle of a cartel war. She tells him not to worry —she’ll take care of everything.

Camila knows this is the fallout from Manuel Jimenez’s death. Boaz, his brother and new head of the Jimenez cartel, is dangerous and unpredictable and he’s now on Epifanio’s side. It’s them who sent her the cocaine message after they ruined her shipment in Galveston. Now Camila wants to send a message back to them. She orders Pote to pay a visit to his old “friend” El Puño, who works as a hit man in Epifanio’s organization. El Puño’s head will be the message.

A dangerous dance

Back in Bolivia, Teresa, Güero and James are still waiting for El Santo’s people in the bar. When Leo hears a song she really likes, she invites Güero to dance with her, but he doesn’t want any trouble with Teresa, so he refuses. She gets it: Güero and Teresa are together… so she dances with Teresa instead. While Leo puts her body and soul in the dance, Teresa is really uncomfortable and barely moves a muscle. She understands Leo just wants to disturb Güero but she just won’t succeed.

The cocaine challenge

Suddenly, Bolivian militaries enter the bar in a raid, so Teresa, Güero and James go to another room and pretend to be ordinary costumers. The squad is led by La Capitana, a tough-looking woman who is in a personal war against drug traffickers. She says she’s looking for two men and “one pretty Mexicana.” She finds Teresa at a table and asks her if she’s seen those people. “I’m only here to party,” Teresa says. So La Capitana dares her to prove it by snorting a long line of cocaine. Then another. And another. Silence takes over the room. When Teresa is about to inhale a fourth line, Güero stops her saying they are the people she’s looking for, and they want no trouble. James gives La Capitana a bag with $100,000 and promises to leave the town immediately.

But with all that cocaine inside her body, Teresa is now on the verge of death. James and Güero give her everything they have on hand to slow her heart —water, beer, ice, and some medicine... They save her life. As soon as she’s out of danger, Teresa goes back to her mission. They have to find Leo.

Leo and the dentist

Güero knows where Leo lives, and he takes Teresa and James there. But when they get inside her house, they find nothing. While James is outside the house with Camila on the phone, Güero suggests to Teresa he’s a little jealous of James. In turn, Teresa seems to be a little jealous of Leo, who finally arrives to her place. Teresa welcomes her with an unexpected punch in the face. Then she tells her they need to talk. They sit at a table and Teresa smoothly convinces her to help them and keep Güero alive by doing it. Leo gives her the contact of a link to El Santo. His name is El Dentista, a dentist who will finally lead them to the elusive Bolivian drug lord.

El Dentista receives Teresa in his office and makes her sit on the dental chair. After some examination, he advises to leave Bolivia but she insists on seeing El Santo. So he finally gives her an address to find him. Teresa, James and Güero leave the office and get into a cab that will take them to El Santo. Or so they think…

Camila’s reply

Pote is in a brothel looking for El Puño’s favorite prostitute. He looks at a woman and says without a doubt, “This is the one.” They get in a room and after they have sex, Pote gives her money to leave him alone in the room. Then he hides in the closet and waits for El Puño to arrive. He does and once he’s had some fun with the lady, Pote gets out of the closet and stabs El Puño on the back of his neck. Then he shoots El Puño’s bodyguards and orders the prostitute to leave and keep her mouth shut.

Some hours later, Epifanio is in his house talking with Boaz. Then, his secretary interrupts the conversation to tell him a box just arrived for him. When he opens it, he finds El Puño’s head with Epifanio’s divorce papers finally signed by Camila. He calls her on the phone immediately. Camila assures him the head is her declaration of independence. Infuriated, he hangs up the phone. “He got the message,” she says to Pote.

La Capitana again

Teresa and her friends arrive at a hotel with the key to room 205 provided by the driver, but when they get in there, they find no one. James leaves the room to check around. Then Teresa and Güero hear some shoots and they figure it’s a trap. They run out of the hotel but the police catch them trying to escape.

Later, James, Güero and Teresa are somewhere at an indoors pool, tied each to a chair, while La Capitana and her men torture them to obtain El Santo’s whereabouts. They don’t know where he is, of course, but maybe Leo does. She is also tied to a chair and badly beaten. La Capitana is adamant. “Where is El Santo?” she asks over and over, but Teresa, James and Güero say they don’t even know him. She threatens to kill Leo if they don’t give her an answer. Nobody says a word, so she shoots Leo in the head and throws her in the pool.

Teresa is next. La Capitana orders her men to take Güero and James to another. She means a more personal talk with Teresa caressing her face with a gun, but the only words the captain will hear from her are, “Go to hell.” And right before Teresa gets a response, some unknown people get in the place shooting everybody. In desperation, La Capitana throws Teresa into the pool. She is still tied to a chair trying to escape franticly. Bullets fly outside the water in all directions. She sees the horrendous image of Leo dead at the bottom of the pool and before she loses consciousness, somebody dives in to rescue her…

When Teresa wakes up, she is in a dark cell tied up and hanging from chains. She starts calling Güero but hears no response at all. Things in Bolivia couldn’t get any worse.