El Beso de Judas
S2 episode 4 Aired on June 29, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

An Urge to Kill 

Governor Epifanio Vargas is in his limousine with General Cortez, talking about business. Suddenly, unknown people on the street start shooting at them. Epifanio takes cover while a fearless Cortez gets out the car and kills two of the hit men. The rest flee immediately. Luckily, the car is bulletproof. Epifanio is safe.

Meanwhile, Teresa is outside Camila’s house. She can’t stop thinking about Guero and the good times they spent together. But James shows up to break up the nostalgia and tell her to go inside for a meeting with Camila, who is on the phone with Manuel Jiménez. She’s telling him her men are ready to pick up a shipment from him the next day, in the port of Galveston. Jiménez is happy with their partnership and invites Camila to his godson’s wedding in Sinaloa. He wants to personally thank her for taking his brother out of prison, although he’s become a pain in the neck. “I would kill him if I could,” he says incidentally.

The Unknown Snitch

Finally, Camila accepts Jiménez’s invitation, hangs up, and joins the meeting with James, Teresa ,and a guest. It’s Danny, who works with the Sheriff’s department. There’s a problem, he says. A DEA agent had told him they have an informant who led them to Camila’s former house. They don’t have a name for the snitch, but Teresa knows they are talking about Guero. Camila has already decided what to do: they have to find and kill that rata.

Cortez and Epifanio are back at the governor’s house trying to figure out who was behind the attack. Epifanio wants revenge, but he has a more immediate problem to worry about. His daughter Isabela is mad at him because she had hoped days of crime and danger were gone. He says those days are indeed in the past, but the cartels want him dead anyway. She believes that lie.

Camila is getting ready to go to Mexico to see Manuel Jiménez when she hears of the attempt on Epifanio’s life. She is not pleased. Epifanio may be her enemy but he’s still her daughter’s father.

Teresa Tells the Truth

Meanwhile, Teresa goes see Guero in his motel room, but he’s not there. She doesn’t know Pote has been following her. He finds her in that room and points a gun at her, demanding to know what she’s doing there. So Teresa confesses: she came to see Guero, who is still alive and cooperating with the DEA. Immediately, Pote figures out he is the informant.

Danny calls the DEA agent who gave him the information about the informant. She is a woman who seems to be his lover, and they agree to meet in his house. Inside, James and his men will be waiting for her to make her confess who the snitch is, and then kill her. Moments later, the DEA agent is parking her car in front of the house but Teresa manages to send her a text message from Danny’s phone saying his wife is in the house. So the agent turns around and leaves. Little does she know she was about to die.

Wedding Surprises

Camila is in Mexico with Jiménez at his godson’s wedding party. She is invited to give a speech but, suddenly, Epifanio shows up along with Cortez; Manuel’s brother had invited him. The tension is high, but the couple agrees to dance together. They talk about the past, but Camila still shows her distance. Isabela is also at the party, and her mother gets to talk to her. She finally understands why her daughter doesn’t want to anything to do with her: Isabela thinks her father is now leading a decent life as governor, while Camila is the villain responsible for putting them in danger. “One day you’ll know who your father really is,” says Camila. That day will come really soon…

Epifanio is not there only to see Camila. He also wants to cut a deal with Manuel. So they have a little meeting in the limo along with Cortez and Jiménez’s brother. Vargas wants the Jimenez cartel to disappear into Epifanio’s organization. Manuel is about to say no, when his brother shoots him in the head. Manuel is out of the picture, and his brother will lead the Jimenez family now.

Epifanio doesn’t understand what happened but Cortez tells him Jimenez was behind the attack against him, so killing him solves a real problem for the governor. Epifanio will receive another surprise at that party. The wedding band starts singing a narco corrido, a song that tells the real story of drug lord and politician Epifanio Vargas. Isabela is already figuring out who her father really is…

Guero and James Come Face to Face

Meanwhile, James, Teresa, and Camila’s men are going to Galveston to pick up the drug shipment sent by Jimenez. DEA agents are already waiting for them, and when they try to apprehend them, a violent shootout starts. People die on both sides, but Teresa and James manage to escape in different directions. When she is running through a dark warehouse, Guero stops her. He came with DEA agent Garret Finnerman, but only to buy some time. “I will never hurt you,” Guero says.

To prove he’s on her side, he shoots Finnerman, who is there to arrest Teresa. Finnerman’s still alive but at that very moment, James appears and finishes the job. This is the first time James sees Guero and his reaction is to kill him, too, but Teresa tells him Guero is with her, so he’s taken to Camila’s mansion.

Guero Doesn’t Have to Die

In the house, Camila is questioning Guero and he admits he was the informant they were looking for. However, he says, he never gave the DEA any useful information about Camila. Then he tells her she shouldn’t kill him because she will probably need him. The Jimenez cartel is a mess at the moment so Guero could help by connecting her with another Mexican cartel led by “El Santo.” For Camila, El Santo is a madman, but Guero know he’s her only choice… 

Epifanio’s Song

Meanwhile, Epifanio and Isabela are going back home from the party. There’s tension between them. Suddenly, they hear Epifanio’s narco corrido again on the radio. The governor won’t take that kind of disrespect one more time, so he sends Cortez to the radio station to kill the D.J. and send a clear message: Epifanio is still the boss in Sinaloa.