Un Pacto Con El Diablo
S2 episode 3 Aired on June 22, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

The DEA And Teresa, Face to Face

Let’s go back three months … Guero and Teresa are spending an afternoon together, totally in love, and making plans for their future. Unexpectedly, he has to leave, and minutes later he is getting on a plane. Suddenly, DEA agents detain Guero at gunpoint and take him with them right before the plane explodes. Then, one of the agents calls Teresa to tell her Guero is dead. She believes him. That’s how Guero had disappeared…

But now that he is back again in Teresa’s life, they don’t know how to resume their relationship. Both are in a bar talking about their problems, and in that moment, DEA agents show up. Finally, the authorities are face to face with Teresa, and ask her to help them capture Camila Vargas. Apparently, she has no choice.

A Plan Against Epifanio

Camila has learned Epifanio will meet with Reynaldo Fieto to take over the drug market in Texas. Of course, this would be terrible for Camila, so she plans to stop him by destroying the clandestine tunnel Epifanio uses to get the drugs in the United States. She orders James and Teresa to go and blow up the tunnel. Teresa is afraid of this mission because Epifanio still wants to kill her, but Camila reminds her that “in revenge, as well as love, a woman is more barbaric than any man.”

Reynaldo is at Epifanio’s house to talk business with him. General Cortez is also with them. Reynaldo is not convinced to work with Epifanio, because he thinks his drugs may not be safe enough in Epifanio’s hands. However, Cortez surprises Reynaldo by showing him drones with cameras capable of monitoring any operation at the border. Fieto loves the idea and finally agrees to work with them. In fact, Epifanio didn’t like that Cortez told Fieto about the drones without his authorization, but when Cortez explains how they work, Epifanio realizes he can use them to carry drugs.

Meanwhile, Camila is trying to get in touch with her daughter, Isabela, who now lives with her father, but the girl doesn’t want to answer her mother’s calls.

Trouble at the Border

Teresa and James are already entering the underground tunnel, which is hidden inside an old, abandoned van in the desert. But inside they find Epifanio’s men, so they have to run away amidst a gunfight. Once out of the tunnel and hiding, a poisonous scorpion stings Teresa and leaves her unable to walk and almost unconscious. James tries to help the best he can.

Unexpectedly, a civilian militia called the Patriot Texas Squad finds them, and James runs and shoots his gun to get their attention so Teresa can flee. The paramilitaries catch him and take him to their camp. Meanwhile, Teresa is trying to return to the truck she used to get there, but before she reaches the vehicle, she falls exhausted. Then, a vision of her future self, the Queen of the South, orders her to keep walking. Finally, she gets in the truck and drives to the camp where the militia has James. The citizen soldiers are trying to force him to reveal his identity while Teresa gets out of the vehicle, almost fainting and the men take her to a tent.

Camila, a Successful Businesswoman

DEA agents pay a visit to Camila’s lawyer Cole Van Awken to ask him some questions about Teo's death. Cole tells them that he is not surprised Teo died that way because he was tangled in a lot of troubles. They also ask him about Camila, but Van Awken defends her by saying she is a successful businesswoman and she has nothing to hide. The agents ask him if they can take a look at his Vargas files, and the lawyer gives them some papers he has already prepared for them. They won’t find anything incriminating, of course.

Later, Van Awken meets with Camila to tell her about his meeting with the DEA, but she knows his good work is not for free. He admits it isn’t, and tells her lost all of his fortune once, but now that he’s recovered it, he doesn’t want anything like that to happen again. What he needs is to have powerful friends like Camila on his side.

Teresa and the Squad, an Unlikely Team

The Patriot Texas Squad helps Teresa recover from the sting of the scorpion. She lies by telling them James and she were forced to work as mules, and says she knows the location of a clandestine tunnel Mexicans use to get drugs in the U.S. To prove it, Teresa proposes to take them there in exchange for setting them free. The Squad agrees and, along with James and Teresa, they go to the tunnel.

From behind some bushes, they see drug traffickers receiving a drug load from the tunnel. Then, they put it in two vans and leave. The militia follows and intercepts them on the road, while Teresa and James blow up the tunnel with explosives. At that very moment, General Cortez is on the other side of the tunnel investigating the shooting that took place there hours before, and manages to get out before the shock waves reach him.

That night, Cortez goes to see Epifanio, who is in the middle of a big birthday party for Isabela. Cortez tells him that the tunnel was destroyed and a photo taken by a drone shows Teresa Mendoza was responsible for the attack. Epifanio is infuriated because he couldn’t deliver what he promised to Reynaldo Fieto. “Go and fix the mess,” he tells Cortez, but the general does not like the way Epifanio talks to him and tries to intimidate him by suggesting he could hurt his daughter. Epifanio threatens to kill him if he ever names Isabela again.

A Present for Teresa

Meanwhile, Teresa is at Camila's house, where she meets James. He thanks her for rescuing him from the Texan militia and suddenly there is some awkward tension between them. Is James attracted to her…? Then, Teresa meets with Camila, who congratulates her for her work at the border. In retribution and, as a vote of confidence, she gives her an expensive car that she had bought for Isabela. The partnership between them is increasingly solid.

Teresa gets in the vehicle to go meet Guero in secret. He had managed to escape the DEA surveillance. All of a sudden, Pote stops her to tell her to be careful: he knows she is hiding something…

Teresa and Guero meet on the roof of a building. He asks her to run away with him to live the life they once planned, but Teresa says no. She tells him things are not the same as before, because now they have too many enemies to just flee. She proposes that he join Camila, leaving  Guero in a dilemma.