Dios Y El Abogado
S2 episode 2 Aired on June 15, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

A Ghost at the Party

At a business party at lawyer Cole Van Awken‘s house, Camila, Teresa, and James meet with Teo Aljarafe. They ask him for one million dollars, but he refuses to grant them that amount of money. Camila and James are not sure of Aljarafe's loyalty, so they ask him if he’s spoken to the D.E.A., but he denies it. Still, they don’t trust him and force him to take off his clothes to see if there’s a microphone hidden somewhere. He’s clean … or so he seems.

Although Teresa believes Guero is dead, she thinks for a moment she’s seen him at the party, and she can’t resist the impulse of ​​going after what she believes is more than a product of her imagination. Indeed, it is Guero Dávila, and he is there looking for her. After tears and reproaches, he tells her about his work with the D.E.A. Upset and frightened, Teresa tells him Camila better not find out about their encounter, because she’d kill them both. Without saying anything, he gives Teresa a matchbox with an address and a date on it whispering, “Please, let's meet here.” 

Back in Camila’s house and still awestruck by her talk with Güero, Teresa is grabbed suddenly by Pote, who warns her to be careful: even in Camila’s house, she is not safe. Do they know she met with her still-alive boyfriend?

The Mighty Hand

James goes to Manuel Jimenez’s house and asks him for money to reactivate Camila’s business, but Jimenez sees no reason to help them. Jimenez conspired with La Mano Poderosa (The Mighty Hand), a powerful organization that runs the horse race business -- where Camila knows there’s a lot of money. She wants to get in, but the minimum bet is a million dollars. That’s why she needs the money Jimenez refuses to give her. 

As a plan B, Camila proposes that her gang steals the horse race money, but Teresa has a better idea. They will produce a million fake dollars, and then they’ll dope up all the horses but one, their designated winner. They get to the race park and their plan is going perfectly, except for an unexpected problem: Aurelio Casillas, an ally of Epifanio’s who also conspired to win the race, is right there. He spots Teresa, but luckily she gets away unscathed.

Camila's horse wins the competition, as she expected, and it's time to claim the prize. But the money counter notices the fake bills and doesn’t want to give Camila’s people a single penny. So they draw their guns and force him to give them the money. Now Camila’s gang has to escape, but in this process, Teresa lets the money counter escape with a big chunk of the loot. 

Bad News for Little Tony

Away from the race park, Teresa receives an unidentified call that James forces her to answer. It’s Tony, Brenda’s son, who is in Dallas looking for his mother. So Teresa realizes the boy doesn’t know yet Brenda was killed, and she’ll have to give him the bad news. Later, face to face. James seems to understand how hard that will be for Teresa and Tony. 

Camila tells Teresa she made a big mistake by letting the money counter go, but she’s sure that’s nothing James can’t solve. So he goes looking for the guy and finds him opening the trunk of a car. James approaches him from behind, strangles him with a rope, and leaves the scene with the money. Back in Camila’s house, James enters Teresa’s room and leaves some bills under Teresa’s pillow with a note that says, “For Tony.”

Teresa meets Tony and tells him his mother is dead. They cry together, but she has to go quickly, so she gives him the money, and sets off to meet Guero … and put her life in danger. They hug, kiss and talk, unaware (though maybe he does know) that a D.E.A. agent is spying on them.

The Traitor

It’s true: the D.E.A. is in contact with Teo Aljarafe and the agents demand his help to catch Camila. He knows messing with her can be very dangerous, but the D.E.A. is pushing him too hard and, on top of that, Guero has confessed he knows him. Teo has no choice but to cooperate. 

So they set a trap for Camila. Teo calls her and says he is willing to lend her the money she asked for. Pleased, she invites him to have dinner together. The D.E.A. is getting closer, but catching her won’t be easy. Van Awken finds out the law is after Camila, and his gut tells him he is next. He has to act fast. Unexpectedly, Teo appears hanging from a cable inside his garage. He won’t make it to that dinner, but Van Awken takes his place and sits at the restaurant table in front of Camila, ready to talk business.