La Ultima Hora Mata
S2 episode 13 Aired on August 31, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

El Santo’s warning

El Santo’s little angel has found Teresa in Texas. Her mission is making Teresa pay the money she owes the Bolivian drug lord. With a dying man hanging from a pole, the demonic girl says, “This is what happens to those who don’t obey El Santo’s will.” Then she gives Teresa only a few hours to fulfill her compromise.

About Isabella

Epifanio and Camila are together in Culiacan and they are having an argument over Isabella’s kidnapping. Who’s to blame for what happened? Suddenly, Pedro Jiménez, their daughter’s kidnapper, calls Epifanio demanding the ransom. The governor offers only $2 million upfront but Pedro is adamant —$10 million or nothing. However, Camila will find a clue of her daughter’s whereabouts in the video Pedro recorded of her. Crying and desperate, Isabella mentions the word “new” several times, but this apparently random comment is her way to reveal she is in a location called Punto Nuevo (New Point). Now that Camila and Epifanio know where their daughter is, they make up a plan to rescue her without even paying a dime. James is with them. After looking everywhere for Camila, he found her in Culiacan thanks to a tip he got from Boaz.

This is not cocaine

Meanwhile, Teresa and Pote meet with Devon Finch to receive the payment for the cocaine they gave him, but instead he gives them some bad news: the cocaine they stole from Camila Vargas is actually lactose powder. Teresa knows nothing about this, but her first suspect is Big T and his gang. Immediately, she sets an appointment with him in an abandoned amusement park. When Teresa gets there, Big T is already waiting for her. Pote is with Teresa, who holds Traviesa, Big T’s niece, pointing a gun at her. Teresa accuses the gang leader of switching the product, but he denies the allegations. Now it’s his word against hers, so for Big T only guns and bullets can solve this dispute. His people open fire against Teresa and hit her on a leg. Pote shoots back at them while trying to move Teresa to a safer spot in the park. She’s bleeding profusely so he ties her leg with a belt to stop the bleeding. Teresa needs urgent medical attention and also some backup to resist Big T’s attack. She calls Devon Finch for help, but he lets her know he already received the cocaine. How? James made the delivery, as he was the one who switched the drug for powder. Miraculously, Teresa and Pote escape the park but instead of rushing to a hospital she asks him to go somewhere else.

Visions of El Santo

Pote takes Teresa to see El Santo’s little angel again. So, in the back of a store of religious paraphernalia, they lay Teresa on a table and a silent healer gives her a mysterious preparation, while her little angel tattoos something in Teresa’s arm. Immediately, Teresa falls into a dream where she finds her future self, the Queen of the South, asking her to be strong. She also finds El Santo, who is leading a ritual around her. “To live is to die, and to die is to begin again,” he says. Then, he baptizes Teresa inside the dream, which is what she needs —he says— to face and defeat her enemies. When Teresa wakes up, she’s healed. Pote says El Santo’s people saved her life, but he still wants his money before night falls. Now, Teresa’s only option is going back to Mexico and face Camila and Epifanio.

Saving Isabella

Pedro Jiménez sets an encounter with Epifanio to receive the ransom he was demanding. The governor agrees to deliver the money in a private airport, where two of Pedro’s men are waiting for him. Epifanio shows up with Camila and $10 million in bags. As soon as the sicarios get the money, Epifanio takes his gun and shoots them. As this happens, James enters Pedro’s hideout in Punto Nuevo and rescues Isabella and Quique Jiménez. Pedro escaped, but not for long… Later, Isabella meets her parents at the airport where her father killed Pedro’s men. The Vargas family is finally together, so they get in Epifanio’s private plane and head to Culiacan. During the flight, the governor tries one more time to convince Camila of coming back with him and Isabella. He tells his wife he left the drug business for good and hopes she does the same. Finally, Camila says yes. This is the beginning of a new life for them but also for James, who tells Camila she doesn’t need him anymore now that she’s back with Epifanio. James is out of the business, too.

The end of the governor

As she’s crossing the border, Teresa calls Güero to ask him for help to confront Epifanio and Camila. So, before their departure Güero killed the pilot and took his place in secret to fly to a certain point where Teresa will be waiting. When the plane lands, Güero exits the cockpit pointing a gun at the passengers. Only then, they understand what’s going on. While Isabella and James stay in the plane with Güero, Camila and Epifanio get out to meet Teresa and Pote. First thing Teresa says is she doesn’t want to harm anyone —she’s there to make a deal. But Camila is not an easy negotiator. “You have nothing,” she says, but that’s not true. Teresa has El Santo on her side, which means she has the best cocaine in the market. Yes, Devon Finch is with Camila but he won’t deal with cheap cocaine. Right then, Epifanio intervenes to say there is no use to negotiating, because they are out of the business. Teresa didn’t expect to hear that, so these are the final terms of her deal: If they are really out, she leaves in peace; otherwise, she wants Dallas. “Dallas is mine,” Camila says. “There can be only one queen.” Epifanio can’t believe his wife’s words because just moments before she promised she’d leave the business with him. So he takes his gun and tries to kill Teresa, but she shoots first and hurts him. Angry and wounded, Epifanio says his only option to deal with Teresa is by killing her, so he draws his gun again only to get shot by Teresa one more time. Finally, the governor falls on the landing track while Isabella gets out of the plane to help her father. Epifanio Vargas dies and Pote knows they have to kill Camila now if they want to live in peace, because she won’t rest until she finds her vengeance. But Teresa can’t kill her in front of Isabella. All Teresa wanted was the money Camila owed her to pay El Santo and stay alive. So she takes the ransom money from the plane —$10 million— and leaves the scene with Pote.

Güero and James

While all this was happening, James escaped from the plane and Güero went after him. All of a sudden, James stops running and turns his back to dare Güero to kill him right there. “I’m done with Camila,” he says, and he adds he holds no grudge against Teresa. “I would never hurt Teresa… like you did,” James says before he turns his back and slowly walks away from Güero, who sees him leave, speechless.

The last voyage

Teresa pays El Santo with the help of King George, but her life is still in danger. Camila Vargas has sworn she will find her at all costs. James may not be on her side anymore, but she has found a new hound-dog in coronel Cortez. He had been aiding Pedro Jiménez in Isabella’s kidnapping, but after Epifanio’s death he offers himself as Camila’s new henchman. For her it’s difficult to trust him, but Cortez gives her a good faith gift —Pedro Jiménez himself, a soon-to be-dead man. Teresa’s enemies are still standing, but instead of engaging in a bloody and dangerous war, she decides to leave all her life behind. In one of King George’s boats, Teresa sails away with Pote by her side. Looking at the sea, she looks at her arm where her little angel tattooed the word “Moyocoyatzin,” an ancient word in náhuatl that means “She who creates herself.” Maybe Camila was right when she said there could be only one queen, so now Teresa will look for her throne in a new land.