Todas las Horas Hieren
S2 episode 12 Aired on August 24, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

How to build an empire

Now that Teresa is bound to build up her own drug business, she meets with King George and Devon Finch —two men she needs on her side. She lets them know she’s not working with Camila anymore, and she wants to make sure they’ll still deliver her drugs. Finch immediately agrees, but not George. Many of his men died dealing with drugs, and he can’t take any more loses. Besides, he says, his real business is trafficking with guns. Teresa reassures him everything will be under control, but all she gets is that he’ll think about it.

After the meeting, Pote and Teresa discuss her plans, which are simply taking half of Camila’s Bolivian cocaine to start working with that. Pote knows Teresa means robbing the drug and says they don’t have the muscle to confront Camila’s men. She agrees, but replies they don’t have to do it alone… Teresa must take those drugs at any cost, because her payment to El Santo is long overdue. Meanwhile, in Bolivia, El Santo is preparing one of his macabre little angels to send her to Dallas and find Teresa Mendoza.

A new partner in crime

Teresa, Pote and Traviesa, the girl who helped Teresa find protection for Camila in jail, are in an abandoned building looking for people who may help them take the cocaine from Camila’s hideaway. There they meet Traviesa’s uncle, Big T, a man in a wheelchair and leader of a criminal gang. After some tension, Teresa gets a deal with him. She’ll provide the guns, and he and his people will help her take the drug. There’s only one problem: Teresa has no guns, but she’s convinced she can get them from King George. It’s time to talk to him. George doesn’t exactly give her weapons, but tells her about a group of neo-Nazis that received a small arsenal from him some days ago. George hates those skinheads, so he tells her how to find them, and how to steal their guns.

Prison time

James visits Camila in jail to discuss how to deal with Teresa. Time is running out: later that day Camila will be transferred to a maximum security prison, but James has a plan to keep her away from such a place. When they finish talking, Camila walks by an officer who gives her two small pills in secret…

Meanwhile, Isabella talks to her father, Epifanio, to persuade him to do something about Camila. She needs your help, she says, but he replies he won’t do anything because Camila got what she was looking for. Isabella didn’t expect to hear that answer and tells her father she’s going to her friend Olivia’s house for the weekend, and she’s not coming back until her mother is released and safe.

Taking Camila 

Later, Camila Vargas is getting ready to be transferred to another prison, so she takes the pills before leaving. They shackle her and put her in a van, and on their way she suffers a convulsion, and the guards say she must be taken to a hospital. Suddenly, a big truck hits the van and some men get out of it and shoot at the guards and other officers. In a matter of seconds, the attackers take Camila, put her in a car and leave as fast as they can.

James’ men are right there watching the entire scene, but they really don’t know what’s going on. They have nothing to do with the kidnapping, and try to figure out who took Camila. Everything seems to indicate it was Boaz Jiménez.

Getting ready for a fight

Meanwhile, Teresa is leading the robbery of that small arsenal King George told her about. She is with Traviesa and some friends of hers. They get into a dark warehouse and take the guns easily, but some skinheads stop them at gunpoint. Traviesa, however, won’t just give up. She opens fire and shoots at the skinheads, while her friends and Teresa get in the action and kill them all. The arsenal is finally in Teresa’s hands.

Later, from a spot Teresa and Big T’s people found in front of Camila’s hideaway, they are watching every movement of Camila’s band to find the right moment to strike. Here she gets a phone call from an unknown number. It’s Güero, whom she has not seen for weeks. He informs Teresa he’s in Culiacan, where he needs to take care of a vague mission related to Epifanio. She has to hang up abruptly because James and his men are moving out of the warehouse. Three black vans leave the place, and Big T’s men go after them, while Teresa and Big T follow James, who left alone in an old car… with all the cocaine inside. But, to avoid an unnecessary bloodshed, Teresa calls James and asks him kindly for her half of the cocaine load. He refuses to give her anything as he arrives to a well-guarded train loading station, where some of his men are waiting for him. For Teresa, getting in there to seize the drug would be a crazy and dangerous idea, but that’s exactly why she’ll do it. Nobody is expecting an attack here, she says.

The attack

Moments later, Teresa, Big T and his men are outside the train station ready for the assault. They figure out a way to distract James’ people with an explosion and then they open fire to the men inside. James gets to kill some enemies with a sniper rifle, but he must retreat to save himself. Teresa goes after James and finds him inside a wagon, where they talk for a short, tense moment. She wants him to join her because, she argues, she can do things better than Camila and nobody has to die. But he shoots at her and misses, right when Pote arrives to open fire at James, who flees the scene. Then, Pote breaks the news for Teresa: James’ men are gone and the cocaine is finally hers. 

The kidnapping of Isabella

Isabella is in Olivia’s house with Quique Jiménez, Boaz’s son, and his cousin Pedro. After Quique notices Pedro has thrown all their cellphones inside the pool, some thugs get in the house with guns. Pedro has been planning this for a while: kidnapping Isabella to demand a ransom from Epifanio. Pedro is Manuel Jiménez’s son and he wants revenge. He knows Boaz killed his father and presumes he did it with Epifanio’s consent. Quique, Isabella and Olivia think it’s all a misunderstanding and they try to dissuade Pedro, but he responds by shooting and killing Olivia point-blank.

Pedro’s plan is to ask Epifanio for five million dollars, but Isabella tells him that’s too little. She hates her father as much as Pedro does, so she says he should ask for 10 million dollars instead, as long as she keeps two million. Pedro agrees.

Camila’s whereabouts 

Meanwhile, Camila arrives blindfolded to a remote spot in the desert, and she’s about to find out who kidnapped her. It was Epifanio, who is there to receive her and say he means no harm —he’s doing this only for Isabella. Your daughter needs you, he explains. But they were not prepared for the message Epifanio finds in his phone: it’s a video of Isabella crying and telling him she’s been kidnapped. At this point, Camila and Epifanio must join forces if they want to save their daughter.

El Santo’s messenger

Chucho, one of Big T’s men, tells Teresa they found all the cocaine she was looking for, but no money at all. She guesses James hid it somewhere, but she’ll pay everybody anyway. Pote starts the car and leaves the scene with Teresa saying he appreciates that, unlike Camila, she keeps her word. Suddenly, Pote has to slam on the brakes as he finds a little girl and a man holding a machete in the middle of the road. Teresa knows immediately who they are. El Santo found me, she says, getting out of the car. Wearing a devil mask, the girl asks Teresa to go with her. Teresa orders Pote not to attack them as she approaches the child. They hold hands and walk slowly away.