La Noche Oscura Del Alma
S2 episode 11 Aired on August 17, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Leaving all behind

Teresa knows she must leave Dallas and disappear to stay alive, away from Camila’s deadly tentacles. But she’s not alone. Kelly Ann is with her, also running away from certain trouble after killing her husband and Camila’s lawyer, Cole Van Awken.

But before they leave, Teresa must see James. They meet in a dark lot and she tells him all about the fake contract and Camila’s plans to incriminate her. And she says she’s already made the decision to leave Dallas, the business, her life, everything. James offers his protection, but Teresa refuses and makes him promise he won’t be the one to go kill her if Camila gives the order. Not an easy promise. Now James must put his loyalties to the test.

Teresa must die

James visits Camila in jail and tells her about his encounter with Teresa, so Camila orders the hunt must begin and James must be the hunter. From jail Camila makes arrangements to recruit some hit men, the Villalobos brothers, to help James in finding and killing Teresa Mendoza. 

That’s not the only visit Camila Vargas receives today. D.E.A.’s agent Loya has noticed Van Awken is missing so he stops by the jail to ask Camila if she knows anything about the lawyer’s disappearance. This time she had nothing to do with it, but Loya says it doesn’t matter because he knows she is the leader of a drug empire and he won’t stop until he proves it. Camila dares him to find any evidence, if he can.

Officially enemies

Kelly Ann knows a place where she and Teresa can hide for a while. They hit the road and Teresa gets a phone call. It’s Camila. Teresa picks up the phone and finally confronts her about the secret plans to set her up. Camila says it was all Cole’s idea but Teresa can’t trust her anymore, so she gives her the news: she’s leaving Camila for good. We were never partners, she says. Their alliance is broken and now Teresa and Camila are officially enemies.

Teresa and Kelly Ann arrive to their temporary hideaway, a small cabin in the woods. The house has an alarm system that goes off if somebody is prowling outside. They’ll be safe for now.

Allies and survivors

In the cabin, Teresa and Kelly Ann talk about how things turned so bad. Kelly Ann tells the story of how she met Cole and how, unwillingly, she found herself immersed in her husband’s shady activities. Teresa’s journey has been quite similar. Güero introduced her to this world of crime and constant trouble. At the end, Teresa says, they have something in common —love led them to this point in their lives.

Tired and gloomy, Kelly Ann gets in the bathtub and falls unconscious into the water after a sedative overdose. Luckily, Teresa finds her just in time to revive her. Their bond is growing stronger as they realize they are both survivors, another trait in common. So, in a swift flashback, Teresa remembers a fateful day of her childhood. She was receiving her first communion when two men with guns entered the church shooting at a guy. Suddenly, a bullet hits Teresa’s mother and the little girl runs out of the church, picks up a gun from a dead man in the street, and hides in an alley. Seconds later, one of the killers reaches the alley and little Teresa gets ready to fire the weapon she holds in her shaking hands. But before this happens the assassin finds his real target, a man wounded behind some boxes. So the killer finishes him and leaves the scene. Teresa is a survivor, and she’s been one ever since she can remember.

Suddenly, a car arrives at the cabin. It’s Pote and Tony, Brenda’s son. James knows Teresa is closely related to the boy so she’s taking him with her, too. The next morning Teresa explains Tony why they need to leave, but before they do he has to learn how to use a gun by himself. She sees in Tony the same helpless child she once was, so she must prepare him for the dangers of life. Scared and hesitating, the boy holds the gun and starts shooting into the woods.

Isabella’s mistakes

Camila gets an unexpected visitor in jail. It’s Isabella, who is there to say her mother was right all along about her dad. Isabella explains she chose to be on Epifanio’s side and keep her mother away. Now she regrets her actions. But Camila says Isabella is wrong again. Epifanio indeed loved his wife and never wanted her to go away, but Camila’s wild ambitions detached her from her family. She hopes once she’s out, they can start over.

Loya knocks on the door

D.E.A. agent Loya knows Teresa may be the answer to dissolving Camila’s drug operation, so he’s looking desperately for her. Finally, he finds a clue. The night before, Kelly Ann bought some goods at a gas station using a credit card, so now he has an idea of where they may be hiding. Later, Teresa, Kelly Ann, Pote and Tony are in the cabin when the alarm goes off. It’s Loya, who is outside the house with his hands up. Teresa agrees to talk to him on the condition he lets Pote, Kelly Ann and Tony go. Loya and Teresa get inside to talk and he says he just wants her to cooperate with the D.E.A. to catch Camila Vargas. But convincing Teresa is not easy at all.

Meanwhile, the Villalobos brothers also find Teresa’s whereabouts and when Teresa and Loya are leaving the cabin the killers are already outside and shoot at them. A bullet hits Loya in his shoulder, so they get back into the house to resist the attack. Soon they figure out it’s Camila’s people looking for Teresa. The Villalobos open fire franticly while Teresa and Loya lay on the ground dodging dozens of bullets flying over their heads. They are surrounded. Suddenly, a grenade lands inside the house through the chimney, and then a smoke bomb. A dense fog grows in the cabin while the shooters get inside to finish their targets. However, the grenade didn’t hurt Teresa and Loya, who hide in the smoke and manage to reduce and kill all their attackers.

Teresa’s last battle

Danger is over for now and Teresa insists she won’t accept protection from the D.E.A. At this point agent Loya has enough reasons to arrest Teresa but decides to let her go as retribution for saving his life during the shootout. So she leaves to reunite with Pote, Kelly Ann and Tony, but before she does, she leaves Loya the evidence he was looking for —papers that could finally incriminate Camila Vargas.

Moments later, Teresa meets her friends in a secret house and while Kelly Ann and Tony play a videogame, she and Pote go outside to talk. She says it was James who gave the sicarios her whereabouts. But Pote is on her side. I won’t go anywhere, he says, so she asks him to take Kelly Ann and Tony to a safe place. Pote promises he will, while Teresa gets back to Dallas to face her enemies and take what is rightfully hers.