El Cuerpo De Cristo
S2 episode 1 Aired on June 8, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

The escape

A vision of the future, the neatly-dressed, cold-blooded Queen of the South opens this season talking about her success as a drug empress, and warns us that feelings don’t belong in her business. However, present-time Teresa has more important things to worry about.

Teresa, Camila, James, and Pote have managed to escape from El Limpiador’s house. Now they must devise a plan to hide from Epifanio -- and Camila already has one: escaping to Dallas. Suddenly, Teresa notices there is a van chasing them and Camila gives the order to run faster and shoot. Teresa and Pote fire on target, and they reach an airplace that has been waiting for them. Who was after them? None other than the D.E.A.

New companies

Camila is finally safe from Epifanio, but only now she discovers he has eliminated the entire cartel. Meanwhile, Teresa wants to be Camila's new partner, and she explains her talent with numbers may come handy. Camila is not really convinced, so it's time for Teresa to use the ace up her sleeve: Guero’s book. They review the book together and find King George, a drug dealer and former associate of Epifanio’s who could be of great help to them. Camila asks Teresa if she is willing to die for her, and Teresa goes further: “No, I'm willing to survive for you.” It’s a deal; Camila and Teresa are partners now.

Meanwhile, the D.E.A. is after them with a little help from their new informant, Guero Dávila. Guero must tell them about a place where Camila and Teresa may be hiding now, and although he at first hesitates to cooperate, he eventually gives the agents what they need.

Enter General Cortez

Epifanio, the new governor of Sinaloa, is home and at ease with his daughter, Isabella, but peace is broken by the rough General Cortez, who had helped the politician/drug lord in the operation to end the cartel and ruin Camila. The reason for Cortez’s visit is to propose him a partnership as his military influences and Epifanio’s political power would be great for business. But Epifanio is not keen on the deal. Later, he will ask Batman to “take care” of General Cortez. 

King George

Teresa and James arrive at King George's ship with a message from Camila Vargas -- an offer he can’t refuse. King George doesn’t take them seriously, so Teresa makes the offer again, this time at gunpoint. George must help them ship cocaine from the coast and they guarantee he’ll make a lot of money. After some negotiation, King George agrees on one condition: Teresa and James must find and capture Rolando Ríos, a man who owes King George a lot of money and seems to have no intentions to pay it back. Once they seize him, they must take him to George.

James and Teresa undertake the mission and kidnap Ríos. They put him in a van, where he will try to soften Teresa's heart by telling her about his past criminal life and new-found faith in God.

Teresa tries to save him, but James reminds her how important it is to please King George for their own business. Once again, Teresa will have to ignore her feelings.

Get the war started!

Camila has ordered Pote to visit Epifanio and tell him she has Guero’s sought-after book, and she wants to setup a meeting. Indeed, Camila and Epifanio meet. He wants her to go back to him, but she refuses. So he asks Camila to sign their divorce papers. If she does, Epifanio won’t bother her anymore; but if she doesn’t, she’ll have to face the consequences. There’s no way Camila will sign anything, so she kisses him goodbye whispering, “Let the war begin then.”

In the meantime, the D.E.A. is still looking for Camila and Teresa with Guero’s help. He takes them to Camila’s former hideaway, but they find nothing. The drug empress and her gang had left the place many days before.

Reinforcing the union

Camila gives Teresa an envelope containing a new passport for her, with a new name and a wad of bills. She tells Teresa it’s her chance to flee if she wants; otherwise, Epifanio will find them and kill them both. Teresa insists on staying in the business and says they can finish Epifanio, if they stay together. Camila agrees but she’s not quite sure of Teresa's loyalty and tells James to keep an eye on Teresa, who may be hiding something from them. 

James goes looking for Teresa and finds her in the same place where they kidnapped Rolando Ríos. There, he discovers that King George has murdered Ríos and Teresa is leaving flowers on a little shrine built for him. At that moment, a devastated Teresa remembers her friend Brenda and breaks down and cries, and James has no choice but to console her.

Batman, the end 

Epifanio returns home at night to find General Cortez and his men cooking what seems to be a pork on Epifanio’s barbecue. Cortez tells him Batman indeed visited him in his office and tried to kill him, but at the end, things went the other way: Cortez is not cooking pork but Batman himself! He knows Batman acted on the Governor’s behalf, but tells Epifanio he’ll let him live as long as they become partners from now on. The drug lord has no other choice than accepting the deal, and Cortez proposes a toast to celebrate this new sinister alliance.