Coge Todo Lo Que Puede Llevar
S1 episode 9 Aired on August 18, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

After the Theft

The theft of the money didn’t go as James expected. His men seized the booty, but they couldn’t kill everybody during the heist. One of the Miami brothers survived and Teresa had to kill him later in his hotel room. The worst part is that she left at least one witness: María, the maid who gave Teresa her clothes to enter the room. There is no other choice: they have to kill her too.

One of James’ men, Tonto, got seriously wounded, so James calls a doctor to save him. Suddenly, he receives a call. It’s Leo, brother of the men he just killed. The man is desperate and demands an explanation, but James pretends to know nothing. He makes him believe the Jimenez cartel is responsible for his brothers’ death. He even offers to help.


Camila and Birdman, Face to Face

Camila understands how serious the situation is. Killing María is urgent. Teresa opposes that, but nobody pays any attention to her, so she decides to fix things on her own. She gets in a car and leaves to warn María of Camila’s plans.

Despite the problems, Camila got what she wanted: to keep the drugs and the money. Immediately, she visits Allen, one of her customers, to give him the cocaine she owes him. At that precise moment, Birdman appears, and Camila faces him. She says he has nothing to do there, because she is Allen’s cocaine provider, not him.


Saving María

As this happens, Teresa arrives at María’s home to tell her to escape to Mexico with her son. Camila is determined to kill her and nothing will stop her. Teresa even offers to help her. María agrees right in time, because James is already looking for her. He doesn’t find her at her apartment. He realizes the condominium has security cameras, so he forces the condo janitor to show him the latest videos. To his surprise, he sees Teresa and María leaving together.


Camila pays her debts

Meanwhile, Camila meets the Colombians to pay what she owes them, and to tell them something they didn’t expect to hear: she knows Epifanio was behind the sabotage of her business. She doesn’t want revenge, just to set the record straight. After all, she has more urgent matters to attend: first finding María, then killing Birdman. 

Her plan is perfect, or so she thinks. She tells Leo it was Birdman who killed his brothers, so Leo kills Birdman himself. But the plan does not work. Hours later, Birdman shows up in Camila’s office with Leo’s teeth in his pocket. He’s dead, but before he died he confessed it was Camila who gave him Birdman’s name.


Back to Mexico

Meanwhile, Teresa goes to see the priest who offered to help her days earlier. She asks him to help María and her son get back to Mexico illegally. It’s a strange request. Usually people want to take the opposite journey. 

James calls Teresa to tell her to stop. He knows what she did, but he will help her if she gives him María. Teresa falters for a moment, as María and her son are about to get in an underground tunnel to cross the border. Teresa makes up her mind and decides not to meet James’ request, so she lets María flee the country. Not only that: Teresa is going with her to Mexico.