Billete de Magia
S1 episode 8 Aired on August 11, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

The Men from Miami

James has contacted his friends in Miami to buy from them those 25 kilos of cocaine that could save Camila’s business. Of course, his real plan is to buy the drugs and then rob the money back from them. The men from Miami -- brothers John and Reggie, plus their bodyguard -- arrive in Dallas in a private jet to meet James. The robbery plan is complicated so Camila brings Teresa again to help execute it.

As soon the brothers arrive, Camila’s men follow them to their hotel. James and Teresa also arrive there in secret. Teresa has to impersonate a hotel maid, sneak into their room, and put a tracking chip in the suitcase where the cocaine is stored. 

The Maid

Teresa sneaks into the hotel and finds a maid in a room, so she points a gun at her and asks for her working clothes and the electronic key she uses to get into the hotel rooms. Teresa ties the girl up, put the clothes on, and goes to the brothers’ room. Reggie and his bodyguard go down to the hotel bar and ask for a drink when, suddenly, a man appears and warns them not to do business with Camila Vargas. He says this would interfere with the Jimenez cartel’s operation, threatens them with reprisals, and leaves.

As this happens, Teresa knocks on the narcos’ room door. She comes in, places the chip on the suitcase, and gets out. When she returns to the room where she left the maid tied up, she finds the woman trying to escape. Her name is Maria. Teresa takes pity and tells her not to be afraid, nothing will happen to her.

John calls James to tell him about the guy who threatened his brother. He’s terrified. He doesn’t know that guy works for James and is part of the scheme. James sent him so later they would believe the Jimenez cartel stole the money from them, not Camila Vargas.

A Home Lab

Meanwhile, Brenda set up a home lab to produce meth, and has two men working in it. Suddenly, one of them lights his head on fire and Brenda has to help him right away. In the end, nothing bad happened. Somewhere else in Dallas, Camila meets with Teo, the lawyer, and asks him to trick a colleague into counterfeiting some contracts she needs for her business. Teo refuses at first, but his ambition makes him give in.

The Theft

John and Reggie finally meet with James. They exchange the cocaine for money, shake hands, and say goodbye. But the chip is on the case, so James tracks their car down and follows them. Minutes later, on the freeway, James and his men ambush them with weapons. Their car violently overturns and a shootout starts. Reggie and his bodyguard die in the crossfire. One of James’ men is gravely wounded, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that John manages to recognize James in the shooting, and this could ruin the entire operation. The solution is to call Teresa and tell her to wait for the man at the hotel, and take care of him.

John Must Die

Indeed, John comes to the hotel shortly after, covered in blood. He enters his room and right there is Teresa, waiting. She points a gun at him. She is so nervous. John tries to stun her with threats, and when he tries to escape, Teresa shoots twice and kills him. The image of that man lying dead on the floor will chase her for a long, long time.