El Hombre Pájaro
S1 episode 7 Aired on August 4, 2016


Camila doesn’t know what to do to counteract Epifanio’s plan of cutting her drug supply gradually. Eric, a.k.a. Birdman, is taking some of Camila’s territory in Dallas with Epifanio’s consent, although she doesn’t know this. She also doesn’t know that Epifanio has contacted the D.E.A. to intercept another shipment of drugs he sent her.



Despite the crisis, Teresa has become an important part in Camila’s organization, but she doesn’t want that. She wants to flee as far as possible. That’s why she revisits the lawyer she met a day before -- to ask him for new papers and identities for her, Brenda, and Tony. “I want to disappear,” she says, and immediately goes to see Brenda to convince her they have to leave the U.S. for good.



Indeed, the D.E.A. confiscates a new shipment of drugs for Camila, and this time it’s Epifanio who calls her to inform her about it. And he also tells her to investigate whether someone on her team is talking to the authorities. Is this even possible? Is it Teresa? Camila interrogates her. “Where have you been? What have you been doing?” Fortunately, Teresa has an alibi: she went to get medicine for a sick girl.

James proposes that Camila contact some friends of his in Miami who can sell them 25 kilos of cocaine, and help them out of the mess they're in. But Camila wants to fix things her way. She makes an appointment directly with a member of Reinaldo’s cartel to find a way to settle the debt of the $5 million she owes him. But Reinaldo’s man suggests she seek help from Epifanio. Of course, she refuses.



Camila’s only way out is to use her savings, which are hidden in a cemetery headstone. James and Teresa go look for it, but as they return, thieves ambush and rob them, taking half the money: $2.5 million. James and his men manage to kill one of the thieves, and Teresa recognizes him as one of Birdman’s henchmen.

Meanwhile, Brenda has her own problems. Despite Teresa’s plans to get her out of the country, she wants to continue selling drugs. In fact, she plans to start selling something more powerful: meth.



Epifanio has been drinking a bit and calls Camila to reminisce about old times and how happy they were when they lived together. She shares some of the nostalgia. They say goodbye, and as soon as the call ends, Camila’s problems reappear. She owes $5 million to the Colombians and needs to pay that debt as soon as possible. So she has an idea that could save her: to look for James’ friends in Miami -- but not to buy from them. To steal!