El Engaño como la Regla
S1 episode 6 Aired on July 28, 2016


Epifanio’s plan is working. Allen, one of Camila’s customers, meets with her to ask about a cocaine shipment that never arrived. It gets worse: Eric, her direct competitor in Dallas, has approached Allen to offer him that he be his new drug provider. Camila is furious, so she calls Cesar to find out what’s happening, but Cesar pretends to know nothing.

Meanwhile, Teresa is about to complete a drug delivery. A man receives her in a house, tries the cocaine and casually mentions he is an immigration attorney. Teresa asks if he could help her get papers to leave the U.S. Of course, he says, but warns her these things cost a lot of money. Teresa nods and leaves the house with hope.



Immediately, Camila calls Teresa to say she has to accompany James to receive a large shipment of cocaine from their Colombian supplier. Both hit the road in a car to get to a parking building where they will receive the shipment. What they don’t know is that Epifanio has warned the D.E.A. about it. Indeed, D.E.A. agents appear in the building and a violent crossfire starts. The authorities kill several drug traffickers and seize the drugs, while James and Teresa run and escape miraculously. They take different directions in the street and manage to slip away from the police. Minutes later, they meet and leave together in a car.



Teresa decides to walk to Camila’s den and finds a church where she’s seen dozens of apparently Mexican people arrive with their luggage. So she approaches the door and a priest welcomes her. She asks him if he could help her bring “something very important” she left in Mexico, but the priest tells her he can’t help her because his church doesn’t do such things… Nonetheless, something tells Teresa the man is not telling the truth.



Camila is desperate. The confrontation with the DEA has made headlines in all local media and she fears being discovered. To make matters worse, Camila has asked Epifanio permission to kill Eric, but he won’t give it to her. In fact, Eric and Allen seem to have already reached an agreement to work together, and leave Camila out of the business.

Due to the shipment that never arrived and the other one seized by the DEA, Camila has accumulated a debt of $5 million. But one of her men suggests a possible solution: to give Teresa to Epifanio in exchange for that amount of money. Camila thinks about it. It's not a bad idea.



Meanwhile, Brenda has been running a small cocaine business, but this new occupation has made her neglect her son, Tony. Annoyed, he gets lost a whole day on the street, and refuses to return his mom’s calls. Fortunately, Teresa comes to smooth things over and makes mother and son reconcile.