Un Alma. Un Mapa. Dos Futuros.
S1 episode 5 Aired on July 21, 2016


Teresa has reunited with Brenda in Dallas. After helping her to settle, she tells her the truth, that now she works for Camila Vargas, Epifanio’s wife. Brenda takes it very badly; she feels betrayed, but Teresa asks for her trust. “I should be dead, and I'm not,” she says. She’s right. Camila not only protects her but also she seems to have found someone to trust in her.



James has a new and dangerous mission for Teresa. This time, she will help him prepare the murder of one of Camila’s rivals, Erick Watson, a.k.a. Birdman, who works for the Jimenez cartel and keeps Camila from controlling the entire city of Dallas. Teresa gets in an elegant dress and sneaks into a party in Erick’s house. James orders her to hide a little device in the house that disturbs the dozens of birds that Erick keeps in his garden. When this happens, Erick goes out to see his pets, unprotected, an easy target. From outside the house, James observes everything with a rifle, but he doesn’t kill Erick. Teresa did not like the mission, especially because, once again, she had to see a stranger die at the party. She's tired of seeing people die.



Meanwhile, Epifanio and Cesar meet in Sinaloa to discuss the encounter between the latter and Camila in Dallas. Caesar tells him all, but Epifanio suspects that it’s precisely what Camila wanted. Furthermore, he believes Camila knows about the notebook and that’s why Teresa is still alive. His plan to confront her is to stop, little by little, sending her the drugs her business depends on. Immediately, Cesar makes a call to cancel a large shipping to Dallas.



While all this happens, Brenda is also struggling to survive. She runs into a cocaine dealer in the street and, just like that, offers him a better way to sell the drugs. Together they go to a nightclub and Brenda ends up selling all the merchandise with a mixture of candor and feminine charm.



Two things keep Camila worried. First, the shipment of drugs she expected never arrived; and second, and more importantly, her daughter Isabella does not answer her calls. She suspects Epifanio is behind both things. She has to move fast, so she calls her provider in Colombia, Reinaldo, to ask him to expedite a pending drugs shipment. But right after that, Reinaldo receives another call, this time from Epifanio, who asks him to stop sending drugs to Camila. Epifanio’s plan is beginning to work.

However, things are going well for Teresa. Camila meets her to say she appreciates her work in the organization. In fact, she says she’s starting to like her but would be very disappointed if Teresa tries to escape... because she'd have to kill her.