Lirio de los Valles
S1 episode 4 Aired on July 14, 2016


Teresa is rising fast in Camila Vargas’ organization. James asked her to make a drug delivery by herself. He gives Teresa precise instructions and she leaves to complete the delivery. Meanwhile, Epifanio meets with his henchman, César, a.k.a. Batman, who tells him something indicates Teresa is with Camila. Epifanio immediately orders him to go to Texas to talk to her and find out all he can.

Meanwhile, Brenda finally arrived in Dallas, so she calls Teresa and both agree to meet later in a cafe because Teresa has to complete the delivery first.



When Teresa arrives at the house where she will leave the drugs, a certain Chris, who searches her before letting her in, welcomes her. But it's a trap: Chris is there to steal the merchandise from Teresa. He has tied a girl up in a room, but Teresa realizes that and stealthily helps her cut the rope with a knife. Once free, the other girl stabs Chris and shoots his partner.

Batman has just arrived in Dallas and meets with Camila, who asks, once again, why Epifanio is so interested in Teresa. But he lies by telling her Epifanio is looking for Teresa because she witnessed the murder of Chino, and fears she may talk and ruin his candidacy for governor of Sinaloa. Camila lies back to him; she says she hasn’t seen Teresa at all. Suddenly, she has to leave the meeting with Batman to see Teresa immediately. So, minutes later Camila and James arrive at the house where Teresa was supposed to deliver the drugs. The men who attacked her and the other girl lie on the floor. One of them is dead and the other is dying. Camila approaches him and asks who he works for, but he says nothing and dies.



Meanwhile, Batman follows his hunch and finds Teresa parking a car outside Camila’s club. The man breaks the glass, paralyzes her, and takes her into another vehicle. When she wakes up, she's in the car with Batman on her way back to Mexico. Batman asks repeatedly if Camila knows about the notebook. She says no. Suddenly, the road patrol stops them... or that's what Batman thinks. Actually, it’s two men that work for Camila, and they have orders to take Teresa… and Batman.

Camila’s men tied Batman up and beat him. Now he knows everything. He knows about Teresa but also that Camila is leading a narco-business bigger than what everybody thinks back in Mexico. It's time to talk clearly. So Camila tells him it’s a fact Epifanio will become governor of Sinaloa. But his plan, she explains, is to leave Batman the narco-business and then get rid of him and keep everything: the business and the governance. It depends on Batman to join Camila and survive.



Teresa finally meets Brenda at a cafe. She doesn’t have much time to talk but stays for a little while and promises to see Brenda the next day and help her settle in Dallas. Meanwhile, Camila has an appointment with Teo in which she tells him her true plans: to take over Epifanio’s business. Between the two of them there is some sexual tension that permeates their conversation, but both do their best to maintain a purely business-oriented relationship.



Taking Epifanio’s business won’t be easy. Camila must win allies among her estranged husband’s associates so she sends several Rolls Royce limousines as presents for them. The first one already reached its lucky recipient, who talks with Camila on the phone to get details of his alliance with her.

Teresa had a difficult day. When she gets back to her dark room in Camila’s den, she sees her elegant ghost again, the Queen of the South, who tells her she is like a lily of the valley, a strange, strong flower that grows in the dark. Beaten and dazed, Batman had also a hard day, which ends in Epifanio’s office. “I found Teresa,” he tells him.