Estrategia de Entrada
S1 episode 3 Aired on July 7, 2016


Teresa’s been dreaming about Güero all night, and when she wakes up she realizes her things have been placed somewhere else. She’s been “promoted” and given a better bed to sleep. She turns her cellphone on and listens to the messages Brenda has left. Teresa finally calls to tell her she is in danger and Epifanio’s men could find her just by tracking down her phone. And that’s exactly what happens: Brenda sees her pursuers approach, so she sneaks away and steals a car to escape. 

Meanwhile, James does his best to get closer to Teresa. He advises her to be careful with Camila, who has a special interest in her. Camila has asked James to take Teresa to his next mission: to deliver a cocaine shipment to a buyer. James doesn’t like the idea but agrees to his boss’ demands.



James gets into a car with Teresa and two young women and goes to a warehouse where he will collect the merchandise he will deliver. All of them get out of the vehicle except Teresa, who stays in the car waiting. In the meantime, she calls Brenda to ask her to do whatever it takes to escape from Mexico to Dallas, Texas.

Then, suddenly, some men in DEA uniforms open the car door violently and point their guns at her. They shout at her, handcuff her, and put her in a van. They want to know whom she works for. They beat her and try to intimidate her. But once again, Teresa sees her future self, the Queen of the South in an elegant white suit, who tells her not to say anything. “A snitch is a snitch,” the Queen says. So Teresa keeps her mouth shut and chooses not to betray Camila.

Suddenly, one of the alleged DEA agents gives Teresa a cell and, to her surprise, it’s none other than Camila, who devised that fake operation to prove her loyalty. Teresa has passed the test.



Teresa reunites with James and tells him she wants to be present during the cocaine delivery. James refuses at first, but he will have to thank her later for that idea. As they receive the money, Teresa has a hunch something is wrong, so she takes a closer look at the bills and discovers many of them are counterfeit. Immediately, the buyer realizes one of his assistants is responsible for that… and the poor man will have to pay the price. However, Teresa thinks nothing should be done to him. 

After this incident, Teresa’s contribution to Camila’s organization will grow yet stronger. Meanwhile, Camila meets with her lawyer, Teo, who makes her notice a risky detail: the shipping company Camila wants to buy would compete directly against Epifanio’s own shipping firm. Teo knows about Epifanio’s tactics and fears his life would be in danger with that move. However, Camila tells him he has nothing to worry about, and promises him the money he’d earn with her will surpass his greatest expectations.



Camila finds out about the counterfeit money Teresa discovered. She’s impressed and asks for a meeting. She congratulates her and gives her a very expensive watch that Teresa rejects. “This is not a gift; you earned it,” Camila says, and then she advises Teresa not to be merciful with traitors, because women in this business cannot afford to look weak.

Meanwhile, Brenda and her son, Tony, have found a way to escape from Mexico to the U.S. hidden in a bus. Brenda talks with Teresa on the phone and complains for all she has to go through to meet her. Teresa asks her to calm down. “You're gonna love it here,” she says.