Cuarenta Minutos
S1 episode 2 Aired on June 30, 2016


Teresa is in a remote part of Texas, stuck in the cage where she just spent the night. There are other women like her all around, locked and at the mercy of Camila and her men. One of them, Evelyn, approaches Teresa and starts talking to her when, suddenly, the girl falls dead on the floor. Some men take her to a table, open her belly with a knife, and remove several packets of drugs out of her stomach. One of the packets dissolved inside and killed her. Teresa sees this horrible scene and tries to flee, but Camila’s men manage to catch her.



Brenda and her son are still running away from Epifanio’s hit men, when an old friend of theirs, Oscar, shows up in a van. He puts them in the car and takes them to a safe place. Meanwhile, Camila attends her goddaughter’s quinceañero with a present. The pompous party reminds her of her own daughter, who lives away from her, in Mexico. Suddenly, Camila gets a text message saying that Teresa tried to escape, so she has to leave the party to meet her. She desperately needs to know why her husband is so interested in her, but Teresa doesn’t say a word. As a punishment, Camila’s men are about to make her work as a prostitute, but Teresa has an idea to prevent that: she offers herself as a “mule,” to carry the drugs that killed Evelyn.



Teresa painfully swallows 24 packets of drugs, one by one, and immediately takes a ride to the airport where she will deliver them. The driver is James, Camila’s right arm, who is driving so fast that he crashes the car. Teresa and James leave the scene unharmed and continue on foot. They arrive at the airport on time and although Teresa is visibly nervous, they pass the customs control without any problem. They swiftly get into a utility room and Teresa begins to vomit all 24 packets out of her body. When finished, they leave the room and give the shipment to a man.



Camila has an appointment with Teo, an executive in a major law firm. She wants him to help her move her business from Mexico to the United States. Her divorce from her husband is final, she says, “It’s more like a war.” Teo, not a particularly honest lawyer, agrees to help her but asks for a percentage of the profits. Meanwhile, Don Epifanio’s men find Oscar and kill him in a dark forest after trying in vain to make him reveal Brenda’s whereabouts.



James meets with Camila and tells her Teresa is a brave and gutsy girl. James’ comments and Epifanio’s desperate interest in her make Camila suspect that the girl may be more useful than she thought, so instead of getting rid of her, Camila will keep Teresa alive for the time being.