S1 episode 13 Aired on September 15, 2016

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Teresa and Epifanio, Face to Face

Limpiador’s men catch Teresa and put her in the trunk of a car. But when they release her, two of Epifanio’s men receive her. One of them is Pote; the other one, Gato, the mean hoodlum Teresa shot in the face before escaping Mexico.

Meanwhile, in Sinaloa, it’s Election Day. Epifanio Vargas is awaiting the results when he gets the news Teresa has been captured. Without further delay, he decides to go see her, but not alone. Epifanio shows up with none other than capo Aurelio Casillas, better known as the Lord of the Skies. Teresa’s notebook can cause problems to both Vargas and Casillas cartels. They want to force her to reveal where it is, but she refuses to say a word.


Problems at Home

Camila is about to take control of her husband’s cartel, but for now she has a bigger problem. Her daughter Isabella doesn’t want anything to do with her. She blames Camila for leaving her and for destroying their family. “Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you," says Camila. But Isabella doesn’t believe her. The tension between mother and daughter is so unbearable that Camila decides to let her go with her father.

Camila has to put aside the problem with her daughter to meet with her new allies and former associates of Epifanio. They sit at a table and she tells them about her business when suddenly Epifanio appears. One of his men told him about that meeting, and Epifanio intends to confront his wife and the other drug traffickers. He wants to convince them that Camila’s plans are a bad idea, but eventually he leaves without persuading anyone.


The Escape

Teresa has been at the mercy of Pote and Gato. They are taking her somewhere when she manages to break free and escape. Gato chases her, but instead she takes his weapon quickly. Humiliated, Gato challenges her to shoot him. He’s sure she won’t do it, but he’s wrong. Teresa points the gun at him and puts a bullet in his head.


Epifanio’s Revenge

Epifanio won’t let Camila get away with her plans so easily. He just won the elections and decides to use his new political influence by ordering the Mexican army to attack his former associates. All of them end up dead or in prison. 

Meanwhile, Teresa takes Pote at gunpoint and forces him to drive a car and take her to the Limpiador’s house where Brenda is being held. Along the way, she learns about Epifanio’s operation against drug trafficking and calls Camila to tell her she could be his next victim. If she wants to live, Teresa says, she should meet her at the Limpiador’s house. Teresa has something Camila could be interested in: the notebook.


Goodbye, Brenda 

Pote doesn’t want to hurt Teresa. On the contrary, he understands her situation and offers to help. When they reach the Limpiador’s house, they kill a couple of his men, but it is too late. Teresa finds Brenda dead in the garage. When the Limpiador finally arrives, Teresa avenges her friend’s death by killing him with no mercy.

Teresa is burying Brenda when Camila arrives asking for the notebook. But Teresa is no longer her prisoner, and it is she who will set the terms of an agreement between them. Little do they know there is an undercover law enforcement agent taking pictures of the meeting. When these photographs reach the D.E.A., an agent takes them to a secret witness for him to identify that beautiful woman with long, black hair the D.E.A. knows nothing about yet. “It’s Teresa Mendoza,” says Güero Davila, the witness. She can’t even imagine her boyfriend is still alive.