Quinientos Mil
S1 episode 12 Aired on September 8, 2016

Warning: Recap contains spoilers

Looking for “Limpiador” 

Teresa and Brenda are in Mexico and their hope is to find “Limpiador” and give him Guero's notebook in exchange for money. Their plan is selling it for $250,000. They are not sure where to find Limpiador, but some numbers next to his name in the notebook seem to be coordinates. So there they go.

The coordinates indicate the entrance of a tunnel in the middle of nowhere, and when Brenda and Teresa get inside, they find something horrifying: a pile of dead bodies. Some men arrive, take the ladies prisoners, and lead them to see their boss: Limpiador. Without further ado, Teresa tells him about the notebook. She would sell it to him if he’s interested, but suddenly both are stunned with a Taser and fall unconscious.


Who is killing Epifanio’s men? 

Epifanio is in his office and can’t believe the news. Several of his clandestine labs have been torched. Clearly, the Jimenez cartel is behind all that but he doesn’t understand why. César enters the room to inform him the attacks are retaliation for Birdman’s assassination, and he says it was Camila who ordered the killing. Epifanio is furious about that.

César gets a call from Camila and, to his surprise, she is in Mexico. They meet immediately to talk business and César warns her Epifanio could hit her where it really hurts: he could take their daughter, Isabella, away from her. But Camila thought of that first. She already sent one of her men to pick up the girl and keep her safe.


The agreement with Limpiador

When they wake up, Brenda and Teresa are tied to a chair in front of Limpiador. He wants to kill them but he can’t, because if he does, Brenda’s family will take the notebook to the press and the FBI. Limpiador has no choice but to give them what they want: $250,000 for the information in the notebook.

Meanwhile, James and his men have a difficult task: to locate the man Camila promised to take out of jail for the Jimenez cartel. The man is none other than Manuel Jimenez’s brother. The government has him behind bars, but James doesn’t know where. When Camila’s men finally locate him in a remote bunker, they put together a plan to release him. They enter the place at gunpoint, and take the prisoner with them.


All against Epifanio 

Camila has called a meeting with Epifanio’s closest associates, who are not happy with him. She offers them a better deal and they accept it, and celebrate the new agreement with champagne. Meanwhile, Epifanio is doing everything in his power to clear his name. Elections are just one day away, and the war between cartels threatens to frustrate his political aspirations.


Brenda is in danger

Teresa and Brenda are coming out of the house with the money, but Limpiador won’t let them go just like that. He takes Brenda by the neck, while one of his men opens fire against Teresa, who runs away from there. She gets in the car and Limpiador’s men go after her. They keep shooting. She drives so fast she loses control and crashes the car into the woods. Her hunters finally find her stunned and hurt on the ground.