Punto Sin Retorno
S1 episode 11 Aired on September 1, 2016


Preparing the way out

Teresa knows that sooner or later she’ll have to leave Camila, so she asks her to giver her back her freedom. Killing that man in the hotel should be enough merit to let her go, but Camila does not agree. So Teresa improvises a plan “b.” She steals a pack of cocaine, which she will use to pay the lawyer in exchange for fake papers to flee the country. Minutes later, Teresa meets him, and after a little hesitation, he takes the drug.

The notebook is worth gold

Brenda comes up with a way to get even more money: selling Güero’s notebook to the Jimenez cartel. The information it contains is worth thousands of dollars. So while Teresa is with the lawyer, Brenda visits Birdman to offer him the notebook. He is immediately interested in buying it. What he doesn’t know is that James is outside with a rifle ready to kill him. And so he does. With Brenda still in the house, James kills two bodyguards and then shoots Birdman in the head.


A war between cartels

Birdman’s death will cause a bloody war between drug-trafficking factions. But Camila is prepared for that. Her men have dismantled their headquarters and taken everybody out of there, to hide during the war.

Epifanio knows nothing about this. The Jimenez cartel leaders believe it was him who ordered the killing of Birdman, so their henchmen take revenge immediately, killing several of Epifanio’s men. All this couldn’t happen at a worse time. Epifanio Vargas is in the final stage of his campaign to become governor of Sinaloa, and the last thing he needs is bad press.


Camila’s plan

Bad press is precisely what Camila wanted for him. All these deaths will force Epifanio to get busy clearing his name, and while he’s at it, she will take over the Vargas cartel. Camila herself shares her plan with Manuel, leader of the Jimenez cartel. She ordered the assassination of Birdman, but will make it up to Manuel by taking one of his men out of prison. The plan seems to be perfect.

However, for now Camila and her men have to keep a low profile. James is hidden in a trailer away from the city. His girlfriend, Kim, refuses to accompany him, but in the end she does because she knows that's her only way to be safe.


Mexico, her only option

Teresa reconnects with Brenda, who tells her about the murders she just witnessed. Teresa knows James is the murderer, and Brenda is in danger as a witness. They have to flee, and Mexico is their only option. Brenda doesn’t want to go back there, but Teresa convinces her they have to go and take Tony with them. So they escape through the underground tunnel Teresa used days ago to cross the border.

Brenda’s cousin, Victor, is waiting for her at the end of the tunnel, and he takes Tony while his mother runs some errands with Teresa. The most important of them: decoding the contents of the notebook