Esta ‘Cosa’ Que Es Nuestra
S1 episode 10 Aired on August 25, 2016


Welcome to Mexico

Teresa crosses the border through an underground tunnel. María, the maid Teresa is trying to save, and her son are with her. But more problems are waiting for her in Mexico. María’s brothers recognize Teresa and take her home by force. María’s father knows that if Teresa reveals where he lives, his whole family will be in danger. His only way out is to kill her, but María and her son oppose that. Teresa asks permission to go to the bathroom, escapes through the window, and leaves in a car she finds in the street.


Camila Reunites with Epifanio

Camila tried to kill Birdman and Epifanio is furious with her, because she put her life and business in danger. So he asks her to return to Mexico, where she will be safe. Camila agrees, but warns him it will be only for a few days.

Hours later, Camila arrives in Mexico and Epifanio receives her at home. Husband and wife make love passionately, but things between them are far from good. Camila tells him she knows he was behind the sabotage of her business. Despite their differences, they speak calmly and make peace. They even go together to a party where Epifanio -- apparently, future governor of Sinaloa -- encounters several of his campaign contributors.


Following Teresa

Meanwhile, James is still looking for Teresa and María. Following their trail, he finds out about Brenda, so he calls her. But she says nothing. Anyway, she doesn’t know exactly where her friend is. Teresa is looking for the notebook Güero left her, the one she thinks could save her life. She hid it in a gas station bathroom, but when she gets there, she doesn’t find it. A man who works there found it days before and gives it to her, but warns Teresa the notebook will bring her too much trouble.

Teresa is already on her way back to the U.S., when María’s brothers take her by force to see their father. The old man wants revenge, but decides to let her live. Teresa enters the tunnel and minutes later she reaches American soil. Brenda is waiting for her and tells her James called. So Teresa finally meets him. She doesn’t want to flee. She just tells him to forget about María because he won’t find her. When Camila calls him asking questions, James tells her María is dead.


A New Agreement

Before Camila gets back to Dallas, Epifanio calls Manuel, leader of the Jimenez cartel, to assure him Camila had nothing to do with the attempt against Birdman’s life. He tells him he guarantees Birdman’s safety himself. Manuel trusts him, but changes the subject: he tells Epifanio he expects to get paid for not talking with the authorities during his political campaign. But Epifanio is not intimidated.

Back in Dallas, Camila arrives with good news. Not only has she made peace with Epifanio; he also agreed to double the cocaine shipments to her. In return, Camila promised not to touch Birdman... but she plans to kill him anyway.