played by Peter Gadiot
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James works as a drug-runner for Camila’s cartel in Texas.

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Through loyalty and hard work, Camila has grown to trust James and he has steadily climbed his way up to be her #2. She trusts him to carry out her plans and assist her as the cartel grows. He takes an interest in Teresa and warns her exactly what it means to get involved in Camila’s world, however harsh the realities may be.

Peter Gadiot stars as James, a newly minted Capo of Camila Vargas's (Verónica Falcón) crime organization, in USA Network’s new drama, QUEEN OF THE SOUTH.

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Gadiot most recently appeared in the television miniseries “Tut” opposite Ben Kingsley.  Prior to “Tut,” he wrapped a season long arc on the Robert Rodriguez, Kurtzman and Orci produced series, “Matador,” and was the swashbuckling hero and male lead in “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.”  Gadiot has also appeared in British television series such as “Fresh Meat” and “My Spy Family.” In 2013, he appeared in the film, “The Forbidden Girl,” the television movie “Hot Mess,” and turned heads opposite Lea Seydoux in a series of short films directed by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola last year for “Prada: Candy.”  Gadiot trained classically at Drama Centre in London and appeared in numerous stage productions.

A versatile talent, he recently went behind the camera to write and direct the short film “12-17.”  He also actively campaigns against slavery and human trafficking. 

His last name is of French origin and is pronounced GAD-YO.