Cesar “Batman” Guemes
played by Gerardo Taracena
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The unctuous #2 of the Mexican cartel and Epifano’s right-hand man, Cesar is known as “Batman” because of his jug ears. He is jovial, smooth-talking, and ruthless all at the same time.

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Batman is critical in the hunt for Teresa Mendoza, and stops at nothing to achieve the aims of the cartel to please his boss. When Camila approaches Batman with a lucrative offer, he finds himself questioning where his loyalties lie.

Gerardo Taracena stars as Cesar “Batman” Guemes in USA Network’s newest drama QUEEN OF THE SOUTH.

A multiple award-winning actor, Taracena won the Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Science’s Ariel Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in “El Violin” and the Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actor as Middle Eye in “Apocalypto,” produced and directed by Mel Gibson in 2007.

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Taracena’s extensive film career began with  the 1994 movie “La Hija del Puma,” and since he’s gone on to star in the films: “A Trickle of Blood,” “To and Fro,” “Leaving No Trace,” “The Mexican,” “El misterio del Trinidad,” “Man on Fire,” “El Violin,” “Club Eutanasia,” “The Zone,” “Sin Nombre,” “Chilango Chronicles,”, “Saving Private Perez", “Richness of Internal Space,” “Get The Gringo,” “HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami,” “Come Out and Play,” “Las Paredes Hablan,” “Potosi,” “Deseo,” “Jiron de Niebla” and “Volando Bajo.”

In television, Taracena starred as El Mandril in the series “El Pantera” from 2007 to 2008 and in 2009, he starred as Vicente in the series “Los Simuladores” and “Texas Rising” in 2015.

Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Taracena studied Dramatic Art at the University Center of Theater of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and danced with Peru’s troupe, Integro.