S4 EP15
The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode
A man is chumming the waters off of a boat at night, when a shark jumps out and latches onto his arm, dragging him into the sea. The next morning, Lassiter and Juliet are at the beach where the body of what appears to be a shark attack victim has washed ashore. Lassiter thinks he sees what might be a knife wound among the shark bites. He sees Shawn and Gus approach, and, determined not to be outdone this time, beats Shawn to the punch, claiming to the press that the victim was murdered. The reporters crucify him, but Shawn is on board with his theory, having spotted the possible knife wound himself. They all go to the coroner, who says he can't identify the victim off of fingerprints since the fingers are still in the shark, along with the victim's wallet. Lassiter says he'll put out a bulletin for anyone who catches a shark so they can at least identify the man, but Shawn still pushes the murder angle. The coroner says he can't rule out a stab wound but the knife used would have been jagged, like a tooth. Now Lassiter is more determined to find the shark in order to ID the victim and start tracking down his killer.
S4 EP14
Think Tank
Shawn is wrapping up a case at a pizza parlor, breaking it down for Vick, Lassiter and Juliet in front of the suspects and a room full of witnesses, when Henry rushes in and quietly tells Shawn he's got the wrong guy. Shawn realizes Henry is right, and must switch suspects mid-stream. Vick overhears Henry talking to Shawn about how much his son comes to him for advice, but she's not the only one there interested in Shawn. Walter Snowden, a man who runs a private security firm, wants to hire Shawn to be part of a think tank working with billionaire businessman Ashton Bonaventure to prevent his assassination.
S4 EP13
Death is in the Air
Donny Lieberman, a courier for service that caters to biomedical companies, comes to Shawn and Gus for help. He got very drunk the night before and when he woke up this morning, a cooler he was transporting for GenuTech was missing. It contained the deadly Thornburg virus, whose symptoms include headache, weakness, and bleeding from the eyes. He also says he is missing an antique gold watch. At that same time, a blonde woman stumbles around a convenience store, then starts bleeding from the eyes before she falls down dead. Shawn and Gus go to the crime scene, where Shawn psychically reveals that the woman died from the Thornburg virus. Shawn also notices the woman is wearing an antique gold watch. If she took Donny's watch, she probably took the cooler, too. They force Donny to remember that he saw tikis last night, which leads them to the Pali Bar. When they get there, the bartender immediately recognizes Donny, and tells them he left with a hot blonde named Ginger. Shawn figures Donny took her back to his room, and when they get there, Shawn sees clues leading him to conclude Ginger was a prostitute, who targeted Donny in order to rob him. Juliet calls Shawn to tell him he was right about the woman dying of Thornburg. She is at the victim's apartment now, where they discovered ten thousand dollars in cash but no cooler. She also tells Shawn she found a key to a hotel room, which is a few doors down from Donny's room. Shawn figures out that someone hired Ginger to rob Donny, and that person was holed up in the other room. The guys sneak in and find an empty box of latex gloves and a map to Jay's Java Shack. Shawn realizes the mastermind plans to release the virus there. They rush over and meet the cops there, but just before they enter, Shawn sees a broken vile and bars the doors to anyone going in or out. Their only choice now is to contain the outbreak.
S4 EP12
A Very Juliet Episode
Juliet goes to the train station to meet Scott Seaver, her college boyfriend. They had planned to meet there exactly seven years after they said goodbye, but he never shows up. At first dejected, she quickly becomes curious as to why he didn't show. She starts to use police resources to track him down, but Vick puts a stop to that before she can find anything. She sees Gus in the station, and asks for his help - but he must keep Shawn out of it. With everything that's happened between them, it would be weird. Gus agrees and goes back to the Psych office, where Shawn immediately figures out he's doing something behind his back. Gus has to admit he's finding someone for Juliet, but doesn't let him know Scott was Juliet's ex-boyfriend. The next day, an elated Shawn tells Juliet he found her missing person and he's dead. A distraught Juliet runs out of the room, and Gus must admit to Shawn who Scott really is. A guilty Shawn then decides to look deeper into what happened to Scott to give Juliet some answers. He and Henry get the police report on Scott's fatal accident and find many inconsistencies. Shawn and Gus then rope Lassiter into the investigation, who tells them that Scott used to work at a legitimate business front for the mobster J.T. Waring, who is currently incarcerated. Scott must have gotten in over his head and was taken out. They need to know more about Scott, so Shawn surreptitiously asks Juliet to tell him more about her old flame. Juliet raves about Scott, making Shawn a little jealous, but she also tells him about a rare figurine collection Scott had. He broke up the set and gave her the Dumbo because he knew she loved it.
S4 EP11
Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers
Gus has a secret girlfriend that he has been keeping from Shawn but is finally ready to introduce him to Ruby. Shawn’s first impression of her is a good one, but he insists on meeting her friends to vet her further. So he forces Gus to crash what he thinks is a picnic with Ruby and her friends Jessica, Derek and Stu. But the guys soon learn they have walked into a river-rafting trip instead. Ruby is thrown at first, saying there is not enough room, but then relents and hooks them up with gear. Shawn thinks Ruby might be hiding something, and uses his “psychic” abilities to break the ice with her friends by “divining” Stu is the most experienced of the group. Gus uses a more direct approach and asks how they all met. Ruby says Derek and Stu met at a Wildlife Preservation meeting, which is ironic because Derek was a big game hunter back when he dated Jessica, who is Ruby’s work colleague. What binds them all together is their interest in extreme sports. The group then hooks strobe lights to their vests in case they get separated. Shawn and Gus realize they are on a white water trip just before they hit the rapids, and they hold on for dear life. When they come out the other side, they realize Stu is missing.
S4 EP10
You Can't Handle this Episode
Lassiter and Juliet are at the scene of a possible suicide with Gus, Shawn and Abigail. It appears the victim hung himself, but Shawn sees signs of murder and discovers dog tags stuffed down the dead man's throat. This is not just a murder now, it's a military crime, which poses jurisdictional problems. But Juliet says she knows someone who might be able to help with that, and she calls her brother Ewan, an ex-military man who is now hired out by the government for covert missions. He is in the middle of finishing up a job, but he is able to tell Juliet that swallowing dog tags is a sign of shame. He then tells her he's near Santa Barbara and is coming in for a visit.
S4 EP9
Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark
Juliet and Lassiter meet Gus at a vehicle storage yard in the middle of the night. Gus received a message from Shawn telling him that he’d solved the case and to meet him there but Shawn has not shown up and Gus is worried. He should be. Shawn is currently bound and stuffed into the trunk of a moving car. Shawn remembers a lesson Henry taught him as a child, and kicks out the rear light of the vehicle. Through the hole in the trunk, he’s able to spot some landmark, and manages to text Gus cryptic descriptions of what he sees. Back at the storage yard, Gus is puzzled by the message. Lassiter finds blood on the ground and they realize Shawn’s been shot and kidnapped. Gus calls Henry, who arrives at the scene and insists on helping find his son. So Lassiter and Henry team up to decipher Shawn’s text and track him down, while Gus and Juliet retrace the steps of Shawn’s latest investigation.
S4 EP8
Let's Get Hairy
Stewart Gimbley bursts into the Psych office looking for help. He went to the police first but was referred to Shawn and Gus instead. Stewart wants the guys to lock him up and observe him overnight. He gives them a gun with silver bullets for their protection, because Stewart believes he's a werewolf. He thinks he killed a lamb last night and is worried that tonight he'll do worse. He offers them three times their rate, which they readily accept, thinking this will be easy money. They tie Stewart up but then fall asleep themselves, only to wake up to the sound of the window shattering. Stewart is gone and a tuft of grey animal hair dangles from a shard of glass. Later that night we see two hunters brutally attacked in the woods.
S4 EP7
High Top Fade Out
A man on a bike pedals for his life, being chased by armed assailants. He reaches his apartment building, drops his bike and runs inside. He pulls a digital camcorder from his backpack and is able to email out its contents before the men break in and asphyxiate him. This man, it turns out, is Leonard “Diddle” Callahan, and a college friend of Gus’. Shawn and Gus attend Doddle’s funeral, where the minister says Diddle died from a hit and run accident on his bike. There, Shawn discovers, that not only was Gus in a singing group, but he has been estranged from Diddle, Tony and Joon for years and refuses to say why. Shawn also notices a mourner with a scar on his face who seems out of place there. Tony and Joon are able to speak to Shawn alone. They tell him Diddle was way too careful on his bike to die in an accident. They believe he was murdered, and they hire Shawn to find out what happened.
S4 EP6
Bollywood Homicide
Raj waits in an alley to meet his girlfriend Mina, a dancer in a local Bollywood production, who he has been secretly dating. She sneaks outside on a break from the show, but is nearly killed when a runaway truck narrowly misses her. A distraught Raj goes to the police station, where he confesses to not only hurting Mina, but all of the women he has loved. He claims he’s cursed.
S4 EP5
Shawn Gets the Yips
After a police department baseball game, the whole gang goes to a bar to celebrate McNab's birthday. But, as the waiters bring out the cake, Shawn spots a hooded man by the register with a bulge in his jacket. He runs to warn Lassiter who pulls out his weapons just as the hooded man starts to fire. After a barrage of bullets, the man manages to escape. The cops think it was an attempted robbery but Shawn says the man came there specifically to kill one of them. He believes he will try again, but if they can figure out which one of them was the target, it will give them a clue to the man’s identity. The crime scene unit finds a piece of the man’s hooded sweatshirt and a motel key in the alley behind the bar. It looks like his pocket ripped as he was fleeing the scene. Lassiter and Juliet head to the motel while Shawn and Gus go back to the bar. While there, Shawn remembers the shooter was wearing an expensive watch, which proves he wasn’t a junkie thief. Shawn also realizes that he was deliberately standing in the blind spot of the security cameras. The shooter is much smarter than they give him credit for, which means that the key was planted to lure the cops to the motel. Not only that, but after Shawn recreates the shooting he realizes the target is Lassiter. Shawn calls to warn Lassiter, who is on his way back from finding nothing at the motel. As he leans down to pick up the phone from the floorboard of his car, a shot comes through his windshield, narrowly missing him.
S4 EP4
The Devil is in the Details... and in the Upstairs Bedroom
After Agatha, a student at a Catholic college, jumps off the roof of a building, Gus drags Shawn to the school to investigate as a favor to an old teacher, Father Westley. Lassiter and Juliet are already there speaking with Westley and headmaster Father Bard, who explain that Agatha was a model student until three weeks ago when she suddenly started acting irrationally. Lassiter thinks it's murder but Shawn is leaning towards suicide. Father Westley has an alternate theory. He believes she was possessed. Father Westley is roundly dismissed, even by Father Bard, who explains that Westley used to perform exorcisms in the past, something the Church now looks on with skepticism. But Westley is insistent and Gus agrees to take the case, over Shawn's objections.
S4 EP3
High Noon-ish
Lassiter needs Shawn and Gus' help. Unexplained things have been happening in a small town outside his jurisdiction. Sheriff Hank is an old friend of his and since Shawn and Gus have a talent for finding something out of nothing, Lassiter enlists their services to uncover the truth about the strange occurrences. Hank explains to them that wooden fence posts around the town have been stolen, someone has poisoned the water and there's a stench in the air that Gus attributes to cat urine. But as Hank shows them around, they realize that Old Sonora is not a real town. It is an Old West tourist attraction. Some of the buildings are just facades and the townspeople are all in character. To illustrate this, Hank proceeds to “kill” Stinky Pete, the town outlaw, like he does every afternoon. Shawn quickly notices grey dust on Pete's shoes as the “body” is dragged away and wonders what they are doing there. Lassiter explains that Old Sonora was originally a historic mining town and that he spent most of his weekends there as a child. He will not let vandals shut the place down.
S4 EP2
He Dead
Chief Vick calls Shawn and Gus to the forest to aid in the search for billionaire Warren Clayton's downed plane. They arrive at the wreckage before the police and find Clayton inside, barely alive. As Gus tries to call for help, Shawn notices a "Wiswall" insignia inside the plane. He also sees that the altimeter reads 118 and spots metal clip with a picture of St. Dwynwen on it. As Clayton starts to fade, he says something about wanting to make amends and be a good father. He manages to cough out the word "Waterloo," then in his last breath asks them to find out who killed him.
S4 EP1
Extradition: British Columbia
Shawn and Gus are on the slopes on their ski vacation in Whistler, British Columbia when Shawn spots wanted international art thief Pierre Despereaux. Despereaux is so good, he's never left enough evidence behind to be formally accused and so promptly gives Shawn and Gus the slip. Shawn goes to the Mounties for help, who need very little convincing of his psychic abilities. Deputy Commissioner Dykstra calls Lassiter to ask for Despereaux's files to be sent up, and Lassiter insists on being part of the investigation. Lassiter and Juliet arrive in Canada just in time to meet Shawn and Gus at Despereaux's latest crime scene. The thief has stolen an antique necklace worth several million dollars. Shawn notices a spot on the wall where a painting used to be and assumes Despereaux stole that as well. The owner says he sold that painting two weeks ago. Lassiter sees all the telltale signs of Despereaux - no fingerprints, no alarms tripped and a signature Merchanteuse Blonde cigarette burning in an ashtray - but not Despereaux himself. Shawn spots flowers in a vase inexplicably moving, like in a wind. But they are in a high-rise condo. Shawn tracks the source of the breeze to a window slightly cracked open. He pushes the widow open and looks up to see a shoe disappearing onto the roof. Shawn rejoins the group and claims Despereaux is on the roof of the building. Lassiter is skeptical, but Shawn and Gus race up to catch the thief, who compliments them on a vast improvement on their skills from the horrendous skiing of the day before. Then he excuses himself, saying he's going back to his room - and jumps off the building. By the time Lassiter and the rest of the Mounties arrive, Despereaux has disappeared, leading everyone except true believer Corporal Mackintosh to doubt he was ever there at all.