The Tao of Gus
S6 episode 8 Aired on December 7, 2011

Shawn and Gus are at the SBPD waiting to pick up their check when they spot an attractive, ethereal woman named Nicole, telling the police that she witnessed a murder in an ally on a busy street at the height of lunch hour. Given the circumstances, Lassiter and Juliet are unsure whether or not she is telling the truth. Her story sounds unbelievable even to Shawn, but Gus is really attracted to Nicole and wants to further investigate.

Shawn, Gus, and Nicole head to the place where the murder supposedly went down. Suddenly, a car swerves, almost hitting Nicole. Shawn thinks it was on purpose and that the person behind the wheel was trying to harm Nicole because of what she witnessed. From this, Shawn decides that Nicole is telling the truth, and that the killer wants her dead.

Shawn and Gus have no choice but to take Nicole somewhere safe. Nicole suggests they go hide out on the farm where she's from. They leave Nicole's car parked out in front of Juliet's house and take the Blueberry to the farm instead. Later that day, Juliet's house gets shot at, thus causing Juliet to believe the woman's story about witnessing the murder.

When they arrive at Nicole's farm, Shawn and Gus quickly learn that this isn't any regular farm – it's a farm that houses an entire community of free-loving, hippie-type people. Shawn and Gus are immediately greeted with hugs. They explain to Shawn and Gus that they are a loving, openhearted, welcoming community that celebrates a nonviolent lifestyle and shared values� all under the leadership of a man named Eli.

Eli comes out and greets Nicole with loving, open arms. She tells Eli that she witnessed a murder in the city. Gus and Shawn are introduced to Eli as the men who saved Nicole. Gus wants to stay at the farm because he wants to "take care of Nicole." And with that, Gus and Shawn are welcomed to the farm to stay until the case is solved and they know Nicole is safe. Shawn is uneasy with this situation, while Gus on the other hand, is excited. He has immediately connected with the commune's message of peace and free love. When they reach the mess hall, they see an enormous picture of their leader Eli prominently hanging on the wall – thus leading Shawn to believe that this hippie commune may actually be a cult, led by Eli.

Just then, Juliet calls Shawn and confirms her belief that someone is trying to kill Nicole. Juliet tells Shawn to stay where they are and to keep the girl safe while the SBPD investigate further.

The next morning, Shawn and Gus awake on the farm. Shawn finds Gus's obsession with Nicole a bit odd and confronts Gus about his recent tendencies to hit on every woman they have come in contact with as of late. Gus confesses, like Shawn, he too wants to find someone special.

Nicole pops her head in and tells Shawn and Gus that it's "morning ritual time" down at the "Peace Ash," a large tree that the commune gathers under.

Back in Santa Barbara, Juliet and Lassiter head to the street where Nicole witnessed the murder, but they see no clues. While on the phone with Juliet, Shawn gets the idea to look at the red light camera photos from the intersection where Nicole witnessed the murder to get potential leads.

Henry accesses the traffic camera pictures while on the phone with Shawn who is also looking at the pictures on Eli's computer via remote access. From the pictures, Henry recognizes a man, Dan Cooper, an Internal Affairs agent who has pissed off a lot of cops in his time. Nicole walks in on Shawn looking at a picture of Cooper and says right away that he was the man she saw killed.

Later, Shawn tells Gus the news about Cooper while they are at the commune's fruit stand. But Gus is more interested in selling apples and being a part of the commune than figuring out the case. Just then, a band of angry locals stops by and pokes fun at the fruit-selling members of the commune. Geoff, a commune member, tries to diffuse the situation with love, but the locals keep harassing them, Nicole in particular. After Geoff sees them harass Nicole, he punches one of the locals out in Nicole's defense. Then Gus gets into the fight and a brawl ensues.