In for a Penny...
S6 episode 7 Aired on November 30, 2011

We open on Young Juliet's birthday party. She's sad because her father hasn't showed up yet. There is a ring at the doorbell and she thinks it's him, but it isn't, and she is devastated.

Present day, Vick goes over a case with Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Juliet involving stolen oxygen tanks from a medical supply company. Lassiter and Juliet suspect the criminals are going to sell the tanks for a profit, however after they learn the street value isn't that high, they think perhaps this crew is up to something bigger.

We then learn that it is Juliet's 30th birthday coming up. Shawn notices she has received a gift in the mail from her estranged father Frank O'Hara. Shawn is excited at the prospect of meeting Juliet's dad, but she quickly informs Shawn that she wants nothing to do with him, and that he isn't "presentable." Shawn sees the return address on the card Frank sent her and from there, Shawn decides to visit Frank in LA so as to make amends between he and Juliet.

Shawn is very impressed with Frank O'Hara, who at first meeting, appears to be a mansion-dwelling millionaire. Shawn bonds with him almost immediately and goes on to tell Frank that he is dating his daughter and needs to fix the broken relationship Frank has with Juliet. Frank takes this to heart and invites them into his richly decorated abode. Shawn tells Frank that he is a psychic and proves it by psychically revealing he knows Frank is about to embark on a yacht vacation. Shawn is right and Frank is impressed.

Back at the SBPD, Shawn tells Juliet that he fixed things with her dad and that he is coming to her birthday party. Juliet is pissed to hear this news and tells Shawn the truth about her dad � that he is a con man and a criminal, and the mansion they were in wasn't his. Shawn is shocked that Frank duped him, but also intrigued to figure out Frank's game.

Meanwhile, the masked men who stole the oxygen tanks from earlier break into Lompoc Prison and bust out a known safe-cracker named Jimmy Fitz.

When the SBPD gets wind of the prison break, Frank O'Hara has already arrived at the station. Shawn and Gus approach Frank first to ask him why he lied to them. Frank apologizes and explains that it was Shawn's influential words that convinced him to turn a corner, and to mend his relationship with Juliet. But the second Juliet sees Frank at the station, she is not pleased.

Lassiter and Juliet explain to the team that the criminals used the stolen oxygen tanks to cut through the wall that lead to Fitz's escape. Lassiter believes that breaking Fitz out was their endgame. Frank chimes in, saying he disagrees. He believes the criminals needed Fitz's skills as a safe-cracker for the much bigger score they have in the works.

Juliet has a sidebar with Shawn, Gus and Frank. She is pissed at Shawn and Gus and wants Frank to stay out of her personal life as well as her professional life.

But Frank turns out to be right about Fitz when Lassiter gets a call saying the criminals have just stolen a bunch of construction equipment. Frank believes the criminals are going to use the stolen equipment for another break-in in the next 24 hours. Frank also tells Juliet to keep a close eye on the leader of the crew, Chad.

Later, Shawn gets a call from Juliet saying that there was some complaints of construction noise downtown. Believing that Frank wants to get back in the good graces of his daughter, added with the fact that Frank knows a lot about the criminals the SBPD is investigating, Shawn decides to hire Frank.

They show up to the scene and realize that a series of underground vaults were broken into and an entire safe was stolen. Juliet is furious when she sees Shawn and Gus have hired Frank to be on the case, working as a consultant for Psych.

She is even more upset when she sees Frank basically holding court in the SBPD, telling her colleagues his theories on why they stole the safe. Shawn jumps in and says it must have been for Jimmy to have something to practice cracking until they make the real score.

Frank makes a suggestion that leads Shawn to predict that the criminals are after a 1943 bronze Penny worth 2 million dollars that will be showcased at the Coin Expo that just happens to be rolling into town.