Autopsy Turvy
S6 episode 14 Aired on March 28, 2012

A mortician, GRACE LARSEN, whom we learn was a classmate and former lover of Woody's, has informed the SBPD that she believes Woody made a mistake on an autopsy. The file on the deceased, BOB WHITE, tells us that Bob's ear was severed off cleanly with an instrument and not what was originally reported by Woody, that it was slashed by a tire in the bus accident that killed him. So as a result of this news, Bob's death could have been murder and not an accident. Woody's job is in trouble, and Chief Vick orders Shawn and Gus to help reinvestigate Bob's death and help clear Woody's name.

Shawn and Gus go back to the scene of Bob's death to try to recreate the accident in order to make sense of what actually happened. While doing so, they are interrupted by WHIP CHATTERLY, the owner of the true crime bookstore across the street. Whip is devastated that he missed witnessing a murder that happened right outside of his bookstore, as he is obsessed with all things true crime. When Shawn reveals that he is the SBPD's head psychic detective, Whip is beyond excited; he has followed every case Shawn has solved and is honored to be in his and Gus's esteemed presence.

Whip shows them his store and the surveillance footage from the night of the murder, but they don't see anything suspicious. On their way out of Whip's store, Whip asks Shawn and Gus to sign his copy of the Yang book, saying he has read it at least a hundred times over. Whip then asks if he can tag along on their investigation. Shawn and Gus are a tad leery of Whip and his odd persona, but they see him as an asset nonetheless and invite him to tag along.

Back at Woody's office, we learn that Vick has hired Grace to reinvestigate the case she claims that Woody may have botched. Woody is shocked and a bit embarrassed by this, but Vick reminds him that his job could be in jeopardy if Bob White's death was actually murder.

Grace and Woody re-perform the autopsy on Bob. While examining the stomach cavity, they discover that Bob loved to eat Thai/Soul Food fusion. This fact leads Shawn and Gus to the only Thai/Soul Food fusion restaurant in town, Phat Thai Jones. SINHG, the owner, tells Shawn and Gus that Bob was indeed a regular customer and tells them that Bob always sat alone and never consumed alcohol because he was allergic to it. This information shocks Gus and Shawn right away, as Bob's autopsy report shows that he had a blood alcohol level of .31 at the time he was hit by the bus. Shawn immediately calls Woody to tell him that Bob was allergic to alcohol. Woody then relays this information to Grace and she predicts that someone could have injected alcohol into his system. They decide to scan the body for injection marks.

Sinhg also tells them Bob was a horrible tipper and left him these weird tickets once. Shawn and Gus take a closer look at the tickets and realize they are from a dance hall. Shawn, Gus, Whip and Henry arrive at the dance hall and see that it is an old-timey 1940s place where gentlemen pay ladies for a swing around the dance floor. Just then, they get a call from Woody saying that Bob's toes were actually injected with alcohol and this case can now be classified as a murder.

The guys split up and begin to question each of the dancers. SANDY, the woman Gus is dancing with, knew Bob. She tells Shawn and Gus that Bob was a really depressed, lonely guy and that she felt so bad for him that she sent him to her psychic friend to give him a positive reading – a fake one, but she saw no harm in this gesture.