Season 1 episodes

S1 EP10
Bugs In Your Eyes
Aired on 06/17/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
We last left Emma and Maggie in a picture of newborn bliss… but now it’s six weeks later and the house looks like a tornado hit it. In the midst of this baby chaos, Emma and Maggie plan Charlotte’s christening with the help of Bruce, Gwen, and Mary Pat. When Emma tries to hold the baby, Charlotte cries and Emma is convinced that Charlotte hates her. She tries to make herself useful and volunteers to track down Mark to borrow Tina’s vintage cake stands for the party.
S1 EP9
Let's Have a Baby
Aired on 06/17/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
Emma and Mark escort Maggie into the hospital as she continues to experience labor pains. Emma checks Maggie in at reception and she tries to wheel and deal for a better hospital room for Maggie but the over-it nurse refuses to play her game. When she asks who the father is, Maggie and Emma look at each other and realize they forgot to tell Bruce the baby was coming.
S1 EP8
37 Weeks
Aired on 06/10/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
Maggie’s OB/GYN informs her that she has reached the thirty-seventh week of her pregnancy and the baby could now arrive safely at anytime. Feeling unprepared, Maggie spirals into a panic over all the things she needs to get done around the house before the baby comes. Emma tells her she doesn’t have to do this alone and offers to round up a ragtag bunch of dreamers, including Mark and Gwen, to help get the house ready.
S1 EP7
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Aired on 06/03/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
Emma learns that her former assistant in China has been given credit for a project she was responsible for and she begins to pine for her business days. When Mark shares that the Chief of Police has asked him to organize this year’s spaghetti dinner fundraiser, Emma sees an opportunity to put her skills to work. She and Emma volunteer to help Mark out and he begrudgingly accepts.
S1 EP6
Bosephus and the Catfish
Aired on 05/27/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
As Emma and Maggie unpack Emma’s stuff from China, Zach enters dressed to the nines for his first date with Cecilia, a woman he’s been dating online for the past three months but hasn't met in person. In light of Bruce’s recent cyber shenanigans, Maggie is immediately suspicious. Emma tells her not to worry and sets off to drop her boxes off at Maggie’s storage unit. While there, she discovers a startling secret about Bruce.
S1 EP5
Aired on 05/20/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
Maggie is nervous about attending her marching band’s fifteen year reunion because her high school crush CJ Wolfe will be there. Emma convinces Maggie to attend after pointing out that this is her last chance to really live it up before the baby comes and offers to tag along for moral support.
S1 EP4
Totes Kewl
Aired on 05/13/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
Emma and Maggie meet with Maggie’s charming divorce lawyer Gary, who Maggie, unbeknownst to Emma, has a secret crush on. After going over the particulars of the upcoming divorce mediation with Bruce, Gary shockingly asks Emma out. She thinks it would be weird to date Maggie’s lawyer but Maggie, despite her true feelings for Gary, tells Emma to go for it.
S1 EP3
Unfinished Business
Aired on 05/06/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
Three weeks after her marriage abruptly fell apart, Maggie struggles to set boundaries with Bruce, letting him keep his hockey equipment and a bunch of other junk at her house. Emma advises Maggie to take a stand by telling Bruce that their marriage really is over and it is time he move out once and for all. Reluctantly, Maggie agrees.
S1 EP2
Bird Bones
Aired on 04/29/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
Emma and Maggie accidentally say yes to a ladies’ brunch with Mark’s annoying and accident-prone wife, Tina (AKA the girl they nicknamed “Bird Bones” in high school). Mark warns Maggie and Emma not to revert to their catty high school ways like they typically do when they get together, and they promise to be on their best behavior.
S1 EP1
Aired on 04/29/2014
Available until 04/15/2021
After eleven years in Shanghai, Emma returns home to Pinebrook, CT for her best friend Maggie’s baby shower. Happily reunited, the girls’ drive down Main Street ends abruptly after the local cop (and Emma’s old flame) Mark pulls them over. Emma and Mark awkwardly reconnect and Mark informs Emma that he is now married.