Game of Tweens
S3 episode 7 Aired on July 14, 2017

Emma is once again visiting Maggie at the hospital, today to ostensibly solicit advice on the retirement luau she and Tina are planning, but mainly to try to convince Maggie to ask Dr. Ericson out. Though Maggie is reluctant, thanks to Emma’s merciless meddling she finally screws up the courage -- and Dr. Ericson says yes! Much gleeful jumping ensues. 

Now it’s time to get down to business with a date dry-run. While Maggie, Emma, and Mark are at the Mexican spot Chavo’s to test out possible table options for Maggie’s future date, Tina stops by to give Emma some good news: Daija Dubois, whose family is basically the Connecticut equivalent of the Kardashians, has fired the party planner for her Sweet Thirteen and Tina has scored them a meeting. The good news almost makes up for the awkwardness that ensues when the restaurant staff mistakenly assumes Mark and Tina are still a couple… 

The meeting gets off to a shaky start when Daija turns out to be a precocious and flat-out terrifying tween with a list of demands for her Game of Thrones-themed event. The ladies get the job, but now they only have days to make the girl’s wish list (including a wall of real ice and a one-handed man) a reality. At least Emma manages to convince Mark to be her Khal Drogo…

Meanwhile, Maggie and Dr. Ericson are off to a rough start of their own. When Maggie oversteps her bounds at work and Dr. Ericson brusquely reminds her that he’s her boss, she’s mortified and ready to call off their date. Emma convinces her not to, but when Maggie and Dr. Ericson discuss what happened, they still don’t see things eye-to-eye. After poor George the Guacamole Guy gets caught in the crossfire, Maggie storms out of Chavo’s.

A miserable Maggie soon shows up at Daija’s party, where Emma and Tina have knocked it out of the park. While Maggie is drowning her sorrow in meat expertly carved by Mark/Khal Drogo, Dr. Ericson shows up (having been alerted to Maggie’s whereabouts by Emma) and the two manage to finally make up -- and make out. And in other good news, Emma and Tina have landed three new gigs, most of which will hopefully not require Mark to wear a wig and dance with a thirteen year old.