You Wanna Roll With This?
S3 episode 5 Aired on July 7, 2017

Now that Emma’s been diagnosed with breast cancer, her next move is an appointment with star oncologist Dr. Leslie Rollins. As Emma stresses out about what outfit to wear to her first appointment, Maggie does her best to talk Emma down (and away from any berets) by assuring her that Dr. Rollins is the best there is — she’s even been on Oprah, after all.

At their appointment the next day, Emma and Maggie show up sans beret, but have an instant rapport with Dr. Rollins and her colleague Dr. Meredith nonetheless. Emma’s first step will be surgery, and she opts for a double mastectomy with one-step reconstruction. When she finds it difficult to decide on the right implant, Maggie steps up, cops a feel, and makes the call for her. (That’s just the kind of friend she is.)

With surgery scheduled for the next morning, Mark stops by the house to drop off a bag he’s put together for Emma, complete with tube socks to protect the hospital staff from her shark toes and a custom mix tape and evidence-bag walkman. Emma tells him she’d rather he not come to the hospital with her in the morning because it will be tougher for her to be strong with him there, and he accepts her decision.

The next morning, once Emma has gone into surgery, Maggie makes her way to the waiting room to find that since he couldn’t be there, Mark has sent his squad in to keep her company. She’s touched, if a little smothered, by their presence, and even more grateful to Dr. Ericson, who finds her by the vending machines with the news that he checked in on the surgery and found everything going well so far. When Maggie comes across Mark waiting anxiously on a bench outside the hospital, she lets him in on that news, as well as some shocking advice: he doesn’t always have to listen to what Emma says.

As Maggie and the cops are working on some dance moves in the waiting room, Emma’s surgeons come out with the news that the surgery was a success —  they got all the cancer out. The only hiccup is that they had to make Emma’s breasts a little larger, and they’re not sure if Emma will be okay with that. Maggie assures them Emma will be just fine.

When Emma wakes up she finds Maggie by her side and is surprised — but not unhappy — when Mark, defying orders, shows up by her bedside too. Now, with her boobs bigger and cancer-free — and her shark toes safely under wraps in Mark’s 3-for-$1 socks — Emma can begin the road to recovery…