Celebrate Me Scones
S2 episode 8 Aired on September 8, 2015

As a thank you for all she’s done, Maggie surprises Emma with tickets to Kenny Loggins! However, even this news doesn’t cheer Emma up; after breaking up with Rabbi Dan for Mark, Mark has yet to return her calls. Finally Emma just goes up to the police station to talk to him, but she learns he’s out of the office on an undercover mission. 

Maggie soon learns of another dilemma: Kenny Loggins has agreed to dedicate a song to Emma, thanks to a letter Maggie wrote him, but Maggie’s brother Zach forgot to get the tickets! Maggie threaten hims with an arm twist, but he swears he has a connection… 

Outside the concert, Zach leads them to a beat-up old car in the parking lot where they barely survive a ticket hand-off a wild scalper woman named Janine Willcall. She drives off, leaving them with only some coupons to Chuck E. Cheese. All hope is lost. Maggie decides she must do whatever it takes… She pulls the Bosephus hat out of her trunk! Emma is stunned. She thought that old gross thing burned in a fire! Maggie laughs. She has more than one! You never know when you’re gonna need ol’ Bosephus to save the day! 

Maggie, Emma and Zach transform into Bosephus, his common-law wife, Jandana and a British roadie named Dudley. Together they pretend to be stage-hands and successfully sneak in a backdoor, but once inside their plan to get into the concert is put on hold. The head roadie sends Dudely to deliver a guitar and asks Bosephus and Jandana to deliver snacks to Kenny!

Unfortunately, upon the sight of Kenny, Maggie can’t hold it together, getting them sent to a holding cell at the concert venue, A.K.A. LOGGINS JAIL! 

Inside Loggins Jail the girls are reunited with none other than evil ticket scalper, Janine Willcall. The friends are even more surprised when Mark shows up to arrest Janine. Emma tries to talk to Mark about what they said to each other at the Policeman’s Ball, but Mark says he can’t do this right now and drags Janine off, telling a guard to let Maggie and Emma go. 

Dejected, Maggie and Emma walk back to their car, so distraught they don’t even notice a giant tour bus pulling up behind them, that is until Dudley pops out and invites them inside. Turns out he made quite a connection with a roadie and Kenny is waiting to play them a private concert on the bus! Dreams do come true!