Officer of the Year
S2 episode 7 Aired on September 1, 2015

It’s the week of the annual Policeman’s Ball, which thanks to Mark, Emma has been asked to plan. The two walk through the ballroom, discussing the night. Wanting to spend  a little more time with Emma, Mark offers his help setting up… but to his surprise, Rabbi Dan pops up at her side, already on the job. 

Later Maggie helps Mark buy a tux for the event where Mark mentions he has no one to go to the ball with, well, except for this one girl who looks like Andie McDowell, but he’d rather just go with a friend. Maggie volunteers to be his date for the night, excited to tear it up on the dance floor. She just has to ask Emma if she can get out of being a waiter for the evening.

At home, Emma agrees Maggie can go with Mark but has a lot of questions about this Andie McDowell chick. Thankfully she has Bruce, Maggie’s replacement, to answer them. To Emma’s dismay, Bruce informs her that the Andie-McDowell look-a-like is a real catch. She and Mark are perfect for each other!

Finally on the night of the ball, Emma checks off names left and right when all of the sudden Mark walks in looking very handsome in his tux. She soon finds out that he is also being honored as Officer of the Year. Maggie finds Emma in the bathroom; it’s all too much! She can’t fight her attraction to Mark: the tux, the award, his dancing. The worst part is, she knows she’s only feeling things for Mark because things are so great with Rabbi Dan. She’s so terrible like that! Maggie isn’t quite convinced, but Emma storms out, on a war-path to forget Mark and recommit to Rabbi Dan.

However, Rabbi Dan decides to split out early, leaving an uncertain Emma ruminating on the balcony. Mark spots her, leading the two to talk about their feelings for each other, a conversation not quite finished thanks to an out-of-control conga line.