Employee of the Month
S2 episode 5 Aired on August 18, 2015

While planting some new succulents, Emma and Maggie find a newly divorced Mark jogging back and forth in front of their house. Unsure what to do, they invite him in where they press him to discuss his feelings about the divorce. Instead Mark insists he fix their terrible water pressure. 

Later the girls return home to find Mark’s now found an entire beehive of problems, including a beehive he had to remove from the side of their house. Emma worries about their friend’s emotional state. This is clearly a cry for help! Maggie says, “I don’t think that’s what’s going on…” just as they see a body flying past the window and Mark yelling, “HELP!”

Maggie takes Mark to the hospital to see about his ankle and runs into Michaela, a friend from nursing school. Michaela is a nurse at the hospital and is surprised Maggie isn’t one herself now since she was such a natural at it. Maggie explains she was forced to drop out to help take care of her brother when her parents passed away. Michaela wishes her well and runs off to chase after an elderly escaping patient, leaving Maggie thinking.

Mark now takes up residence on Maggie and Emma’s couch where Emma is forced to wait on him hand and foot while he hogs the TV. Ultimately Emma decides to join in his video games and the two fall back into their old rapport, leading Emma to ignore a call from Rabbi Dan… 

Fed up with waitressing at Rosie’s, Maggie ditches her shift to visit Michaela at the hospital. Does Michaela think it’d be possible for Maggie to become a nurse now, even with her six month old at home? Michaela says it’s absolutely possible, she’ll just need help. Maggie has someone to help her, right? Maggie says yes, but worries about asking Emma to do anything more for her.

At home, Maggie walks in to find Emma and Mark a little too close on the couch. Breaking up the awkward tension, everyone heads to bed and Mark is gone the next morning when both of the girls come downstairs. Finally Maggie takes the moment to tell Emma she wants to go back to nursing school. She can’t be a waitress forever! Emma promises to help her make this happen… just as long as they smooth things over with Rosie’s; she needs her waffles!