Cashmere Burka
S2 episode 3 Aired on August 4, 2015

Continuing her personal “Gwenaissance,” Emma’s mom, Gwen, asks Maggie to direct a play she’s written based on her life, titled Cashmere Burka. Determined to have Emma as the lead, Maggie threatens to offer it to Tina, quickly convincing Emma to take the role. Emma assures Maggie this play will be a disaster, as Gwen will stop at nothing to manipulate and terrorize those she loves, but Maggie defends that her relationship with Gwen is different. 

As rehearsals start, Emma discovers that Dan, a potential romantic interest she met at the end of last episode, is actually a rabbi at the JCC where Cashmere Burka is being staged. After a romantic encounter, the two decide to keep their relationship a secret to avoid meddling from the community. 

With the play on track, Maggie and Gwen celebrate at Rosie’s where Gwen runs into a “dear friend” from her women’s club. Maggie is excited to share Gwen’s success and invites the friend and the rest of the women’s club to the play, only to later learn that was the absolute last thing Gwen wanted her to do! She hates those women! 

Now in a panic her frenemies will be in attendance, Gwen spirals out of control: rewriting the play, changing the sets and ultimately firing Emma and even Maggie. Worried about Gwen, Maggie decides to be the bigger person and drags Emma to opening night where they discover they must help Gwen overcome her life-long insecurities to save the play.