Hello, Old Friend
S2 episode 1 Aired on August 4, 2015

Four and a half months after Tina’s ultimatum that Mark to stay away from Emma and Maggie, the foursome is forced to confront each other in passing at their local photo-studio. The estranged friends try to be polite, but Maggie and Mark end up pulling Emma and Tina off each other as they argue over the heritage of Tina’s new French Bulldog, René. 

At home, Maggie helps her ex-husband, Bruce, and his ma get set-up in the garage to make their yearly batch of tomato sauce. Putting Baby Charlotte to bed, Emma pops in and asks if anyone has seen Mr. Kooky, a puppet Emma uses to help Baby Charlotte go to sleep. Maggie looks up, realizing she knows exactly where Mr. Kooky is and Emma’s not going to like it… 

Maggie pulls up in front of Tina and Mark’s house, revealing she’s been sneaking behind Tina and Emma’s back with Mark just so he could see Baby Charlotte! He had to get his hands on those sweet cheeks! Maggie accidentally left Mr. Kooky inside their house when she was there earlier in the day. Emma is outraged but reluctantly agrees to sneak in the house while Mark and Tina are out to retrieve the puppet, otherwise Charlotte might never sleep again! Inside the girls find that Mr. Kooky is now the beloved toy of Tina’s dog, René. The pair successfully retrieve the puppet but must duck in a closet when Tina and Mark return home early, bickering after a terrible dinner. 

With the Mark and Tina finally upstairs, Emma and Maggie make a run for it only to be caught by Mark, who must then fend off a seductive Tina. The girls successfully hide again… until Tina bends over the couch, spotting them both! Having had enough, Mark forces everyone to admit their fault in the dispute and resolve the conflict, reuniting the friends together.