Let's Have A Baby
S1 episode 9 Aired on June 17, 2014

Emma and Mark escort Maggie into the hospital as she continues to experience labor pains. Emma checks Maggie in at reception and she tries to wheel and deal for a better hospital room for Maggie but the over-it nurse refuses to play her game. When she asks who the father is, Maggie and Emma look at each other and realize they forgot to tell Bruce the baby was coming.

After Mark leaves to go find Bruce, the nurse reveals that Maggie’s regular doctor is unavailable. The attending doctor will be delivering her baby instead. As Maggie and Emma protest, in steps Dr. J, a stunning, charismatic woman who immediately charms and calms the girls. Maggie and Emma are instantly smitten. Dr. J assumes they are a lesbian couple and tells them about how she and her partner went through an early labor themselves and everything turned out fine. The girls are reassured and do not correct Dr. J.

Later, Emma and Maggie try to tell Dr. J that they’re not actually lesbians but they are interrupted by Bruce’s arrival. Dr. J asks who he is and Maggie and Emma blurt out different answers at the same time. They spin more lies to cover, later explaining the situation to Bruce, which he agrees to go along with. As the intensity of Maggie’s labor increases, keeping track of the lies becomes too much for Maggie and she finally confesses to Dr. J that she and Emma are not a couple.

As Maggie’s labor accelerates, Emma goes to Dr. J to request an epidural for Maggie but Dr. J say that it is too late. Emma doesn’t know how Maggie will get through this birth without it. Dr. J consoles her, saying that’s why Emma’s here. Reinvigorated, Emma goes back to the delivery room and helps Maggie through the final stages of delivery.