Spaghetti and Meatballs
S1 episode 7 Aired on June 3, 2014

Emma learns that her former assistant in China has been given credit for a project she was responsible for and she begins to pine for her business days. When Mark shares that the Chief of Police has asked him to organize this year’s spaghetti dinner fundraiser, Emma sees an opportunity to put her skills to work. She and Emma volunteer to help Mark out and he begrudgingly accepts.

Maggie and Emma pitch their idea for the fundraiser to Mark and the cops: they’ll give Rosie’s a classy nightclub makeover and transform it into ‘Rosie’s After Dark.’ Everyone, including Mark, is on board… until Emma and Maggie reveal that the night will also feature the cops stripping in a Full Monty-esque male revue. Mark says no, but a few cops hang behind and want to do it if it means they’ll make more money. Maggie and Emma insist they will and the plan moves forward with a dance rehearsal the next day at Maggie’s house. The cops are not great dancers and Emma worries they’ve made a mistake but Maggie promises she’ll whip them into shape. Later, Mark discovers their plan and is not pleased. Emma again promises that the night will go smoothly and the Chief will be impressed. Mark holds her to this.

On the night of the fundraiser, Emma reveals that she has hired a professional stripper to dance in place of the cops to ensure that the night goes well. The crowd boos the stripper off stage -- they came to see their Pinebrook cops! Emma must fix the situation and get the local cops back on board in order to save the night.