Bosephus and The Catfish
S1 episode 6 Aired on May 27, 2014

As Emma and Maggie unpack Emma’s stuff from China, Zach enters dressed to the nines for his first date with Cecilia, a woman he’s been dating online for the past three months but hasn't met in person. In light of Bruce’s recent cyber shenanigans, Maggie is immediately suspicious. Emma tells her not to worry and sets off to drop her boxes off at Maggie’s storage unit. While there, she discovers a startling secret about Bruce.

Back at the house, Emma enters to discover Maggie snooping on Zach’s dating profile page. She warns Maggie not to get involved but the two quickly realize that all of Cecilia’s profile pics are from Anthropologie catalogues. Moments before he leaves for his date, Maggie tries to delicately suggest that Cecilia might not be who he thinks she is; Zach is insulted and tells her to butt out of his life.

Later, Emma tries to help Bruce out but Bruce makes things difficult. Emma gets a text from Maggie telling her to meet her at Rosie’s and arrives to find Maggie sitting at the bar in a disguise, watching Zach as he waits for his date to show up. Emma tells her she’s acting crazy but Maggie explains that since Zach told her to stay out of his life, this was the only way to make sure that he’s not getting duped. When Maggie confronts an older balding man she thinks is Zach’s date, Zach sees that Maggie has been spying on him and is furious. They argue just as Cecilia arrives. Maggie apologizes for her insane behavior and explains that she did this because she didn’t want Zach to get hurt. She and Emma leave Zach to continue his date.

The next morning, Zach arrives at Maggie’s house and recaps his wild night with Ceclia. Maggie and Zach reconcile and she promises to let Zach live his own life.