Totes Kewl
S1 episode 4 Aired on May 13, 2014

Emma and Maggie meet with Maggie’s charming divorce lawyer Gary, who Maggie, unbeknownst to Emma, has a secret crush on. After going over the particulars of the upcoming divorce mediation with Bruce, Gary shockingly asks Emma out. She thinks it would be weird to date Maggie’s lawyer but Maggie, despite her true feelings for Gary, tells Emma to go for it. 

Later at Rosie’s, Gwen interrupts Maggie and Emma’s breakfast when she awkwardly pulls a bottle of Emma’s favorite syrup from their old family vacation spot out of her purse. Emma dismisses the gesture as weird, but Maggie points out that maybe Gwen is finally trying to reconnect with her.

That night, Emma and Gary go out and Maggie does her best to be a supportive best friend. However, after finding out that Emma had sex with Gary in the backseat of her Toyota Highlander, shifting the new carseat she just had installed, Maggie can’t take it anymore and has a meltdown in the middle of the mediation. Emma tries to talk to her but Maggie is livid that Emma didn’t recognize she had feelings for Gary and tells Emma that she doesn’t think about other people’s feelings. Maggie storms off.

Emma goes to Mark for help and tells him that Maggie is furious with her for sleeping with Gary. Mark says everyone knows that Maggie has a thing for Gary, causing Emma to realize that Maggie was right about her. Emma goes to apologize to Maggie, but before she leaves, Mark finds the bottle of maple syrup given to her by Gwen. With Mark’s urging, Emma finally understands the significance of the gift and realizes that she hasn’t been paying attention to anyone.

After leaving a voicemail apologizing to Maggie, Emma goes to Gwen’s to set things right but a startling revelation about her mom and Maggie leaves her reeling.