Unfinished Business
S1 episode 3 Aired on May 6, 2014

Three weeks after her marriage abruptly fell apart, Maggie struggles to set boundaries with Bruce, letting him keep his hockey equipment and a bunch of other junk at her house. Emma advises Maggie to take a stand by telling Bruce that their marriage really is over and it is time he move out once and for all. Reluctantly, Maggie agrees.

On their way to meet with Maggie’s divorce lawyer, Emma bumps into her estranged mother Gwen, who doesn’t know that she’s back in town, in a fateful showdown on Main Street. Emma expects her mother to be upset and judgemental, but Gwen surprises her with a newfound sense of peace and reveals that she’s entered into a personal ‘renaissance’ during Emma’s prolonged absence.

Emma cannot accept that Gwen has changed but Zach tells her that Gwen has been working through her issues in his poetry collective. He invites Emma to their next reading to see for herself. Still in disbelief -- and curious about this weird turn of events -- Emma attends the reading where Gwen’s true feelings are revealed in a thinly-veiled poem about Emma. 

Later that night, Maggie and Emma return home to find Bruce has still not picked up his things, including his beloved cheese basket. Maggie fears that Bruce has gone missing. Emma thinks she’s overreacting but Maggie ignores her and enlists Mark’s police skills to help track down Bruce.

While they stakeout Bruce’s last known whereabouts, Maggie and Mark reflect on their past relationships, which inadvertently provides the clue to Bruce’s location. Maggie finally finds Bruce and after an honest discussion they come to an understanding about the future of their relationship.