Bird Bones
S1 episode 2 Aired on April 29, 2014

Emma and Maggie accidentally say yes to a ladies’ brunch with Mark’s annoying and accident-prone wife, Tina (AKA the girl they nicknamed “Bird Bones” in high school). Mark warns Maggie and Emma not to revert to their catty high school ways like they typically do when they get together, and they promise to be on their best behavior. 

Emma tries to talk Maggie out of going, but Maggie wants to get an inside look at Tina’s fabulous home. Brunch is extremely awkward and the trio has trouble finding common ground. Tina is one of those rare women who does not have female friends; her distrust stems from the fact that someone gave her the hurtful nickname “Bird Bones” in high school. The girls realize Mark may have been right about them... 

Later Tina takes the girls on a tour of the house and as Tina comes out of her shell the women all start to connect. However, Tina receives a mid-brunch injury that threatens to derail things. But Emma and Maggie jump in to help carry out the brunch and teach Tina a few of the unspoken rules of lady friendships. The ladies finally begin to bond… until a slip of Emma’s tongue sends Tina into a tizzy. Emma and Maggie follow her upstairs to her bedroom and discover a huge secret. They come clean about their catty ways and finally acknowledge that they’re jealous of Tina’s seemingly perfect life. 

Meanwhile, Mark meets Mr. Casey, a local curmudgeon, who claims that young troublemaker Joffrey has stolen his precious collection of garden gnomes. Joffrey denies the accusations but after Mark gets real with him, he fesses up and reveals the gnomes’ location. The unlikely threesome goes to recover the captive gnomes but things turn out to be more difficult than expected.