Zach Harper
played by Zach Woods
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Zach (Zach Woods) is Maggie’s sweet, quirky, and good-hearted younger brother. Maggie and Zach are close, bonded by the untimely death of their parents many years ago. His affable nature and naïveté leads him down some questionable paths, often a cause of concern for his older sister, but Zach somehow always knows exactly who he is, however weird he gets. Despite his penchant for decorating and ladies Capezio shoes, he is still a rock for his sister and comes to her aid in times of need.

In USA’s critically-acclaimed comedy “Playing House,” Zach Woods plays Zach Harper, Maggie’s (Lennon Parham) sweet, but quirky younger brother.  Woods is currently starring in the comedy, SILICON VALLEY as the hilarious ‘Jared.’  Zach began his career at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York where he frequently performed with the group ‘The Stepfathers’ and in the weekly show Asssscat. Zach has been seen in features such as IN THE LOOP, DAMSELS IN DISTRESS, HIGH ROAD, and THE HEAT. He appeared on NBC's THE OFFICE as ‘Gabe Lewis’ and had recurring roles on the HBO series, VEEP. In addition, he has had guest roles on THE GOOD WIFE, THE LEAGUE, KROLL SHOW, and COMEDY BANG! BANG!.