The Immigration Lawyer
S1 episode 7 Aired on August 28, 2019

Pat McGann tightens his grip on the mayor as Jessica searches for the truth about Tommy Deal in episode seven of Pearson! 

We Play Back the Tape

Bobby and Nick listen to the tape from Pat McGann, and hear that it’s a recorded confession from Nick that he killed Tommy Deal. The two struggle to see eye to eye on what next steps to take, as Nick believes Bobby should’ve never turned on McGann in the first place. Bobby pays a visit to McGann’s work site, where they’ve already begun destruction on Angela’s old apartment. He tells Pat that he may still have an influence over him, but not the money to back him, so he’ll still be working with new donors.  

McGann Loses His Financial Backer

Jessica is picked up by Nick who is infuriated with her for sticking her nose in Bobby and McGann’s business. Jessica asks Nick to tell her what is happening, knowing that the issue is not financial and that he is hiding something -- but Nick doesn’t budge.

After a press conference, Jessica confronts Bobby with the same questions, but he won’t give her any info either. Meanwhile, Pat McGann is on his work site when his investor, Albert Chang, pays him a visit to inform him that he is far too risky of an investment for his company, and pulls out of the deal, leaving McGann with no finances from anyone.  

Jessica Searches for Leads 

Yoli is struggling to make time to meet with an immigration lawyer for her mother as Jessica continues to assign her projects. Derrick tries to convince her to ignore Jessica’s orders and take a personal day, but Yoli doesn’t want to risk losing her job.

Meanwhile, Jessica tries to pry information about Tommy Deal out of Keri, but she swears she knows nothing about the mayor’s involvement. So, Jessica turns to a new lead, Frank Kramer, whom she tries to offer the Icarus construction project to in exchange for info on Tommy Deal. Frank refuses to make any deals until he sees a contract. As Jessica is inside, Nick sits in the car listening to the tape over and over again, clearly tormented by what he has done. 

Obstacles Start to Stack Up 

Jessica is confronted by Derrick who is infuriated that she offered the Icarus contract without permission, stating that Frank can’t be offered the deal because the mayor promised to offer a percentage of construction deals to minority owned businesses and needs to meet a quota. Nick and Pat McGann have a far more heated confrontation when Nick assaults Pat for threatening them with the tape. After McGann makes a phone call to the superintendent, Bobby has no choice but to suspend his own brother without pay, much to Nick’s fury as he storms out of the office. Meanwhile, Jessica has a heart-to-heart with Angela, trying to figure out if she’s really trying to make Chicago better and do the right thing -- or just do the thing that’s right for herself.

Jessica Gets What She Wants, But So Does McGann 

Yoli finally makes time to meet with the immigration lawyer, but after paying him $1,500, he does not show up in court and scams her out of her money. When Derrick hears about this, he implores Jessica to help make things right -- or he will.

Meanwhile, Jessica goes to Frank’s co-worker, Mia, and offers to loan her a large amount of money to buy 51% of Frank’s company in order to make it minority-owned. When Frank confronts her about this, Jessica comes clean that she truly does just want to help after blackmailing him in the past -- offering the Icarus deal. She tells him that Pat was involved in Deal’s death, but always has someone else do the dirty work for him. 

Bobby is confronted once again by Pat McGann who is now demanding he receive the Icarus project or else he’ll publicly release the tape. Bobby’s hands are tied, and he has to cancel his conference with Keri to go to Seattle and convince Icarus to change locations.

Jessica asks Nick if he killed Tommy Deal, and if so, says that she wants to help him get out of this mess. Nick gets in his car and drives away, leaving Jessica all alone…