The Former City Attorney
S1 episode 5 Aired on August 14, 2019

Bobby and Keri’s past comes back to haunt them when the former city attorney hits the Chicago with a lawsuit that requires Jessica’s help to sweep it under the rug, while Derrick and Yoli toe the line between doing their jobs and doing what’s right in Episode 5 of Pearson 

The Past Rears Its Ugly Head

The episode kicks off with a flashback to five years earlier when Keri was the Assistant City Attorney and Bobby was an Alderman. We see the two of them meet for the first time before seeing Keri’s current situation, sleeping with the photographer she met a few days earlier. After he leaves, another man arrives, serving Keri papers from former City Attorney Sharma, who is issuing a wrongful termination suit against the city. Keri asks Jessica for help and admits that she and Bobby are a big reason that he lost his job. We see through a flashback that Keri was working a case for him when she discovered he was hiding evidence to save money on pay-outs. Jessica goes to meet with Sharma to try to settle the suit out of court, but Sharma isn’t budging, making it very clear that his problem is with Keri and Bobby personally. Meanwhile, since Jessica is busy with the Sharma situation, she sends Yoli with Derrick to meet with the CEO of a large company named Icarus to convince him that he should build the company’s second headquarters in Chicago. Yoli agrees, even though she doesn’t agree with the ethical decisions of the company.  

Bobby’s Past Becomes Clear, While Icarus’ Future Falls Into Question

Jessica informs Keri that Sharma is not willing to settle out of court, but promises she can still help, suggesting that she help Keri practice for her deposition. Keri begrudgingly agrees and we are treated to two flashbacks, the first of Keri and Bobby meeting at a restaurant five years ago when she informs him that Sharma is hiding evidence, and the two begin to hatch their plan to take him down. Then, Bobby is shown meeting with Pat McGann, before his campaign for mayor even kicks. We see Bobby telling Pat he wants to be a different kind of mayor, who stands up for important issues, and doesn’t just take money from rich, powerful people and do their bidding.

Pat makes it clear that Bobby won’t be a mayor anytime soon if he doesn’t start listening to Pat -- and doing what he wants. We then see the current-day Bobby, drinking alone in his office when Keri comes to see him. She quickly leaves when she sees the state he’s in, a broken, and scared man, a shell of the Alderman she fell for. Meanwhile, Derrick is doing his best to schmooze the CEO, when Yoli brings up the fact that the company is choosing to expand when their warehouse workers are barely making livable wages. Derrick pulls Yoli aside and tells her that even though she’s trying to do the right thing, there is a right way to do it that doesn’t put Icarus and the city of Chicago’s relationship in danger. 

Jessica Confronts Nick and We Learn More about Bobby and Keri

Jessica finds Nick, who has been ignoring her, and apologizes for thinking he was involved in Karl Jeffries’ murder. She offers support to him and the mayor, saying she knows what the mayor is going through, hoping to have Nick accept her apology and be willing to drive her again. Nick tells her she has no idea what Bobby is going through and blows her off, clearly still upset. Jessica then meets with Keri to practice for her deposition, but takes it a bit too far when she suggests the reason Keri is afraid of this case is because it’s details would reveal the details of her and Bobby’s affair. Keri storms out of the room without saying a word.

Meanwhile, Derrick tries to smooth things over with the CEO of Icarus by organizing a corporate accountability program to protect their brand in Chicago. He agrees to go along with this and go public saying Chicago is one of the top three cities they’re considering, as long as Derrick can get the mayor to also approve tax cuts for the corporation. We see another flashback and, this time, it’s Keri telling Bobby she needs to come forward with accusations against Sherma. Bobby suggests he bring the evidence forward in order to protect Keri in case things go south, considering she is one of Sharma’s employees. The conversation quickly turns more personal than professional, and we see Keri and Bobby go home together. The two sleep together for the first time, showing us how their affair began. 

Keri is Honest with Jessica, So She Calls a Familiar Friend…

Jessica goes to see Keri at her home and manages to get her to tell the truth, that she is afraid of this case going public as it will reveal her and Bobby’s affair. She says that Bobby’s career can take a hit and keep moving, but hers cannot, as these kinds of situations are harder for women to move past than men. Jessica understands where Keri is coming from and swears to do anything she can to help her. Jessica meets with Sharma again and offers him a $1,000,000 settlement, which he denies, making it clear that no amount of money can bring him what Keri took away, the power he had in Chicago. Understanding this, Jessica makes a call to her friend in New York, Harvey Specter, asking for some help. While this is all happening, Yoli learns that the mayor was not happy with Derrick or having to offer tax cuts in order to get back on the good side of Icarus. Derrick tries to make it clear to Yoli that -- even though she is passionate -- there is more to succeeding in politics than believing in something. 

Jessica Saves The Day… Again! 

Another flashback reveals Bobby eventually succumbing to Pat McGan when he learns that Tommy Deal, the union boss, was killed by people connected to Bobby’s father. Bobby realizes if he goes against Pat, his family’s involvement in Deal’s murder will go public, finally explaining why Bobby has been so loyal to Pat. We then see Jessica meet with Keri, who lets her know that the Sharma matter has been settled. Jessica has convinced Harvey to give Sharma a job in New York, so that he can start over, and have a shot at being a good attorney, similar to the second chance that Jessica is getting in Chicago. Keri seems incredibly appreciative, as her affair is able to stay hidden in the dark, for now.

Jessica then meets with Yoli, furious with her for almost ruining the deal with Icarus. She makes it clear that Yoli has one more shot, and if she messes up again, she will be out of a job. Jessica then ends her night by meeting with Nick, where she confesses that her ex-husband had ALS and that is why she understands what Nick and Bobby are going through. The two seem to make up through shared compassion, and share a nearly tender moment when they are interrupted by a returning Jeff who glares down Nick as he takes Jessica home.