The Deputy Mayor
S1 episode 4 Aired on August 7, 2019

Jessica digs deeper into the murder of Karl Jeffries while Derek deals with the Deputy Mayor’s push to name a road after a controversial figure in episode four of Pearson! 

While The Mayor’s Away...

With Bobby away with his wife at the hospital, Keri and Derrick hold a meeting to announce that Keri will be handling his day-to-day duties. Deputy Mayor Lloyd suggest that the mayor’s office should focus their efforts to dedicating a road to Fred Hampton, a Black Panther leader who is considered a hero to much of Chicago. Keri denies this request as Bobby is against (because the police see Fred Hampton as a criminal and not a hero). After the meeting, Jessica approaches Keri and demands to know where Bobby is. After a lot of pushing, Keri tells Jessica that he is with his wife at the hospital as she suffers from MS and has relapsed. 

Jessica Learns More About Karl Jeffries

Jessica pays a visit to Lilian, offering to buy her and Angela a new home after they're evicted in 90 days. Lilian is flattered, but wary that Angela won’t be willing to accept a hand-out from Jessica, even if it’s for the best. On her way out, Jessica runs into Lilian’s pastor, James Thompson and asks James if he knows anything about Karl Jeffries, the deceased man whose death Jessica believes the mayor’s office had a hand in. James says that Karl was a good man who got involved with the wrong people, that one day he had nothing, showed up with an expensive sports car, and then was found dead soon later. Jessica takes note of this and heads back to Nick who has been driving her around and unaware of the conversation she just had. Meanwhile, Lloyd continues to pressure Keri regarding Fred Hampton, so Keri sends Derrick out with Lloyd to canvas signatures to get the road name approved. Keri has no intention of actually honoring the signatures, and just needs someone to deal with Lloyd until Bobby gets back. 

Pat McGann Gets Involved 

Angela learns of Jessica’s request to purchase them a house and becomes upset with Lilian, saying that she has been working so many extra shifts because she wants to be the one to provide for their family, and not Jessica. Meanwhile, Jessica confronts Keri about the murder of Karl Jeffries, Keri denies the knowledge of any involvement and sincerly believes the mayor was not a part of his death. Keri then goes to meet with Pat McGann, letting him know that Jessica is looking into Karl’s murder, and asks if he was the one who payed him off to drop the lawsuit against the city. Pat denies his involvement to Keri, but then visits Nick later that night. Nick tells Pat that he has been driving around Jessica in order to keep an eye on her, but Pat let’s Nick know that Jessica is actually the one keeping an eye on him. He lets Nick know that Jessica is learning more about Karl Jeffries, and that he is in trouble if he doesn’t put a stop to it.

The Truth Starts to Come Out

Nick confronts Jessica about her snooping and tells her that he did not have anything to do with Karl Jeffries’ death. He does however admit to being the one who paid him $50,000 to drop his lawsuit against Chicago. Meanwhile, Derrick and Lloyd are out canvassing when Lloyd tells Derrick that Fred Hampton was a dear friend of Lloyd’s who never got the respect he deserved during his lifetime, and that he wants nothing more than to have this street to honor his friend. 

Lilian pays a visit to Jessica at work, letting her know that Angela is not willing to take her offer on the house. Jessica tells Lilian she regrets dropping her lawsuit, and Lilian says it is okay because it’s not worth it to get mixed up with ‘those people.’ Jessica asks what she means by “those people” and Lilian reluctantly admits she is afraid after seeing what happened to Karl. Jessica then goes to Angela, to learn more. After some convincing, Angela reluctantly informs Jessica that the Four Corner Royals are thought to be involved with his death. When she realizes that Jessica plans on confronting the gang, Angela insists she go with her. Jessica and Angela meet with members of the gang, who inform the two that Karl Jeffries died because of debt he owed to different gangs in the area, and that as far as they know, it had nothing to do with the mayor’s office.  

Everyone Says a Prayer

Derrick tells Keri that he thinks Lloyd deserves to have the street renamed, for all of the work he’s done for the city. Keri denies this request and Derrick tells her that the least she can do is be straight with him about why. Keri reluctantly agrees and goes to Lloyd’s office, apologizing for sending him on a pointless mission. Lloyd understands that she is just being loyal to the mayor, but warns her to make sure she doesn’t become loyal to a fault. Meanwhile, Jessica apologizes to Nick for accusing him of Karl’s murder. Nick accepts but doesn’t entirely drop the blame from himself; he still feels somewhat responsible for giving him so much money that lead him to be a higher-priority target. 

Jessica then decides to spend the evening at church to see Pastor Thompson and connect more with her family. At the same time, Nick heads to a church of his own and goes to confession, where he cries when explaining that he is responsible for the death of ‘Tommy Deal,’ and that he feels horrible about it. Who is Tommy and does his death tie into that of Karl Jeffries’, or is this a whole other mystery just waiting to be uncovered? Let’s see if we find out those answers next week on Pearson!