The Union Leader
S1 episode 3 Aired on July 31, 2019

Jessica battles Pat McGann over the vacant Alderman position while Bobby and Keri have a battle of their own regarding their relationship in Episode 3 of Pearson!  

Jessica and Pat Meet Again

Nick brings Jessica to meet with Pat McGann, as Bobby is out of the office to deal with personal issues and unable to meet with him. Pat demands that Jessica tell Bobby to fill Alderman Coates’ newly vacant seat with his friend Betsy Sullivan. Jessica is put off by how McGann makes demands of Bobby, and how comfortable Bobby seems to be doing whatever McGann wants; she plans to meet with Betsy to see if she is fit for the position. 

The Alderman Seat Causes Friction 

Jessica meets with Bobby who is at the park with his kids -- she wants to relay the news of Pat’s demands. Bobby seems comfortable awarding the seat to whomever Pat wants, as it’s only one of fifty Aldermen. Jessica is not comfortable with doing whatever Pat says, so she goes to meet with Betsy. She meets with Betsy and quickly identifies her as unfit for the position; Betsy seems like a prejudiced and corrupt politician. Jessica calls Pat and explains she is refusing to give Betsy the position.

Pat Makes Things Personal

Keri struggles with putting her personal life on display when she is photographed for her alma mater’s website. Meanwhile, Jessica is having her new assistant Yoli come up with a list of potential candidates for the Alderman seat when she learns from Lilian that she and Angela have been told their eviction has been pushed up and they only have seven days to vacate their home. Jessica realizes that Pat McGann must be behind this and confronts him. She suspects that Pat wants Betsy in the Alderman seat so that she can add a loophole to the budget that allows him to hire non-union workers at cheaper rates. She promises to find a way to allow him to hire these workers, without putting Betsy in the seat, as long as he leaves her family alone. Pat agrees to this deal. 

Jessica Struggles to Get Through to the Union 

Jessica meets with the head of the union who swiftly denies her request to turn a blind eye to hiring workers out union. Jessica tries offering him money to keep quiet and let it happen, but he makes it clear he is a loyal man and will not undercut his team for a few extra bucks. On the way out of his office, Jessica is confronted by a young man who grabs at her arm, asking why she was meeting with the head of the union. Nick appears and rescues Jessica, but not before threatening the young man. 

Family Matters Cause Tensions to Grow

Keri confronts Bobby at his home as he hasn’t been answering her calls. Bobby tells Keri that his wife has fallen ill, and the reason he has been absent is because he’s had to take care of their kids. Keri realizes this is not the right time to be having this conversation and leaves. Meanwhile, Jessica learns that Angela is confronting the city council, demanding she get the 90 days to move out that she deserves. Jessica goes to rescue Angela as the bailiff tries to escort her out of the building for causing a scene. Jessica realizes she needs to do whatever she can to help her family.

Jessica Closes the Deal, Against Her Own Morals

Jessica once again meets with the head of the union, now armed with the knowledge that the young man who grabbed her the other day was the union boss’s son. With his previous arrest record, Jessica knows she could get him put away for at least five years for assaulting her. Jessica uses this information to blackmail the head of the union into turning a blind away to the hiring of non-union workers. She is not proud to have used such a dirty technique to get what she needed, and is clearly shaken up by having to do so. 

Meanwhile, Bobby agrees to leave with his wife to a hospital out of state, and Keri goes on a date with the man who photographed her for her alma mater’s website -- further showing the divide between the two. Jessica returns to Angela to give her the good news, and for the first time, Angela invites Jessica to come in. All seems to be going well, until we see the picture taken of Jessica in episode two hanging on a board at the office of the FBI. Clearly Jessica has become involved in something bad that she isn’t aware of...