The Superintendent
S1 episode 2 Aired on July 24, 2019

In the second episode of Pearson, Jessica is faced with the challenge of closing a contract with the Chicago Police Union, who are wavering due to their disapproval of Jessica working for the mayor’s office. Meanwhile, Mayor Novak takes heat from the press when news of Jessica’s hiring is leaked to the public. 

Jessica Becomes the Talk of the Town

Jessica meets Nick for the first time as he drives her to the office. While going through security at the office, she also encounters meets Yoli, a woman who works for the social media team that is taking far too much time to get through security. Bobby brushes off Jessica as she makes it to the office to talk to reporters, against Press Secretary Derrick’s wishes. The reporters ask Bobby questions almost exclusively about the hiring of Jessica Pearson, irritating and embarrassing him as he had not yet publicly announced that Jessica had been hired. Bobby knows someone in his inner circle must’ve leaked this information to the press, and he plans on getting to the bottom of exactly who it was.

The Chicago PD Push Back 

Keri is meeting with the Chicago Police Department’s union lawyer about a contract that will ensure Chicago has a police department for the next three years. The union’s lawyer denies the contract because Bobby hired Jessica, and Jessica once called the department ‘animals’ when two officers assaulted one of her clients. Keri is infuriated with Jessica for ruining this relationship. Jessica approaches Bobby about the situation and asks if she can be a part of the negotiation team. Bobby says she needs to ask Keri for permission.

The Plot Thickens... 

Jessica confronts Keri and apologizes for what happened with the police union, asking if she could be a part of negotiations from now on to help get the contract signed. Her apology falls on deaf ears as Keri tells her to “stay out of her negotiations” and sends her away. Yoli is up in her office when news breaks that Jessica Pearson is the reason the Chicago PD will not sign their new contract, she starts tweeting unkind words about Jessica. Keri comes to Bobby to discuss the union, defending them, saying she feels just as attacked by Jessica’s hiring as they do. Bobby accuses Keri of leaking the news of Jessica’s hiring to the press, upsetting her that he would think she’d do anything to hurt him. 

The ‘Blue Flu’ Causes Complications  

Jessica has Nick bring her to 81st and Avalon to deliver groceries Lilian, who is revealed to be Jessica’s aunt. Lilian expresses her concerns to Jessica regarding the ‘Blue Flu’, a police strike that involves a large amount of the police force calling out sick day after day, leaving the city vulnerable to violent crime. While Jessica meets with Lilian, Bobby meets with Superintendent Hardgrove who makes it very clear that as long as Jessica is a part of his office, a deal will not be met. Later in his office, Derrick enters and tells him that news of Jessica’s impact on the police department’s contract has gone viral and that a woman in the office, Yoli, is openly tweeting and retweeting regarding it. Bobby demands Derrick deal with the situation. Jessica is back at home late at night watching a news report regarding the Blue Flu. She sees how crime is already increasing after only one night and knows she needs to do something to put a stop to it. 

Lost Jobs and Settled Contracts 

Derrick confronts and fires Yoli for tweeting inappropriately about Jessica, leaving her shocked and frustrated while Jessica visits Superintendent Hardgrove to try to smooth things over. During their discussion, Hardgrove lets it slip that he is actually upset that Bobby screwed him on the police pension this year, and Jessica realizes she is simply being used as a scapegoat for the police department to have leverage over the mayor’s office. 

Later, as Yoli is packing up to leave the office for good, she sees Jessica and scolds her, saying she is a great employee who knows everyone in this office, and cares about her job. She storms out, and Jessica seems impressed by her. Jessica then heads to Keri’s office to let her know about the police pension, and how she was able to find some money in the budget to fully fund it. By fully funding the pension, the police will have what they want and sign the contract. Keri begrudgingly agrees, ending the Blue Flu and settling the contract. 

New Information, New Jobs, and New Mysteries…

Bobby holds a press conference where he reveals to the public that the mayor’s office and police union have come to an agreement regarding the union’s contract -- and also reveals Jessica to the public for the first time. Jessica goes to the podium and lets the press know she’s an open book about her position with the mayor’s office.

After the press conference Bobby meets with Jessica and insinuates that she’s the one who leaked her position to the public, starting this fire storm on purpose just so she could be the one to put it out. Jessica admits she did leak to the press, but that she had no idea the police union would strike. She knew her position couldn’t be kept secret for long and wanted to be on top of it before it got out. 

On her way home, Jessica stops at Yoli’s house and offers her a job as her assistant, as she sees herself in Yoli. After some quick convincing, Yoli accepts the offer. Jessica then stops to talk to her cousin Angela, who asks Jessica to actually care about their family -- not just give gifts of food and money. While they’re talking, we see someone taking photos of Jessica from the bushes. Who could that be? We’ll have to keep watching to find out!